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  1. Any reports? Heading to the in-law's cabin on Friday for a few days. Would like to bring the gear and fish if there is enough ice.
  2. What are people finding in the metro right now? Have they started moving into shallower water, or are they still holding in the deep holes. I have not been out in over a month, so I am out of touch with activity right now.
  3. Sounds like a plan. The wife and I will be there August 4-6. Anniversary is the 6th. We're looking forward to getting up there, again.
  4. I'm trying it, now. Sounds great. Glad to see postings from the folks at GSL. We were married up there last August, and will be up for our anniversary in about a month. Always great food up there, and a wonderful resort. (Shameless plug)
  5. My personal favorite method is to mix: 2 parts olive oil 1 part lemon juice salt, pepper, tarragon, and basil to taste Wisk it up so it thickens slightly and spread on salmon (skin on or off, it doesn't matter with the oil.) then sear briefly on both sides over direct heat. Reapply sauce and move off of direct heat, and grill indirectly, covered for approx. 15 minutes, basting with more sauce every 5 minutes. When it flakes, it's done. Brush it lightly with lemon-butter and serve with your choice of veggie and sides. I like grilled asparagus and garlic smashed taters, myself.
  6. I prefer 13-18 for eaters. I never keep more than 2-3 from a given trip, just to have for dinner one night. Saturday in the metro we caught several 'eyes between 13-21". I kept a 13 and a 14 for dinner. (first 2 I caught) and we threw the rest back in the hole. I had a guy walk up to the house shortly before we left and tell me I shouldn't be keeping any at all, and that he'd appreciate it if we threw them all back in the future. I politley told him that I keep very few fish each year, and that if I wanted to legally keep a couple for the pan, that was my choice. Then said I had no problem with releasing fish, and would keep it in mind. I'm all for protecting the resource, but the guys like me keeping a couple every few weeks are not the problem. It's not like I had 8 inchers, or a couple of 24's on the ice. Part of fishing for me is eating fish aftwrwards.
  7. I think it depend on your situation, and the purpose of your hunt. I hunt primarily for meat, and that is my first priority; making sure i get venison in the freezer. I prefer to shoot does, and likr the occasional nice buck. I get two weekends to hunt. I pass on any buck under 8 points the first weekend, and usually get a doe or nice buck that weekend. Some years, though, it doesn't work out. There are no guarantees. Second weekend, when time is limited and I don't have a deer, I wont pass up any good sized deer. I don't shoot fawns (call it principle). If a nice sized 4 or 6 gives me a great shot, I will take it. I don't want to pass on it, and end up with no venison for the winter. Normally, it's not an issue, but making sure I get a deer is priority one. A trophy is a nice bonus, but not the main focus of my hunt. For those on public land, they have to fight for a deer, any deer, and passing on a good shot at a 6 pointer is silly. Someone will shoot it anyway. Very unlikely that a buck on public land gets to that point anyway, with a rut firearm season. My point, I guess, is hunt your own hunt. If you have land that allows you to manage a herd, then do so. I do so, but not to the point of not having steaks for the year. I much prefer to take does for the freezer, but some years, bucks just seem to be what is walking by all the time. Don't be so quick to judge. Not everyone is in the same situation. I like to see everyone manage bucks, but my priority is not trophies. I like meat!
  8. I have a Primos grunt tube, but don't do a lot of calling. I also have a small, single pitch tube that I always wear and use just for stopping deer that are moving to fast, or in an opening. I've never had a deer in anything less than full flight not stop dead when I hit that grunt. I prefer it for that. For actual calling, I stick to horns and occasionally a bleat can. Just if nothing is moving in the area for an extended time. I've had the can get does up that were bedded in the area before. I think they just get up out of curiosity, but when they get up and moving, sometimes the bucks do, too.
  9. Deer were really on the move near Princeton this weekend. Bucks in particular were moving all day long. I only saw does on the move in the morning and right at sunset, except those being chased. Had a problem on Saturday. It was about 10:00 and I had forgotten a bottle and really had to take a leak. I scanned everywhere I could see with the binos before unzipping the blind to get out. Right as I stepped ou, a really nice 8 point stepped out from behing a dense thicket behind me to my left. We were eye to eye at about 20 feet. He stared for a second as I froze, tthen snort wheezed and took off back the way he came. I did shoot a slightly smaller 8 mid-morning on Sunday, though. I'm gonna try to get a couple of does next weekend to fill up the freezer.
  10. They were in full on chase mode near Princeton. I saw more bucks this weekend than the last 3 years combined. I had a big 8 come by on Saturday morning, but never got a shot. Saw lots of 4 and 6 pointers on the move in the woodlines. I also saw a massive 10 in the middle of a picked bean field at 2:00 in the afternoon. Unfortunately he was 400 yds away in a shotgun zone, and I could only get him halfway in with horns and grunts. (Wind was wrong) I did take a nice 8 yesterday, though.
  11. Does anyone have suggestions for a place that processes deer in the metro? Preferably central or NW metro. I live in Minneapolis, and hunt near Princeton. Looking for a place that I could realistically drop off deer on the way home, and not have to go TOO far to pick up venison when it is ready. Looking for a place that does a good job on the butchering, and preferably make decent sausage. I make my own jerky, so that isn't an issue. Thanks!
  12. The whole point of sabots is that it is a sheathed projectile. This allows you to fire a smaller diameter, faster projectile, with much less drop, and much more accuracy than a standard slug. Assuming you are using a rifled barrel (if not, switch to regular slugs), you should be accurate out to a much longer range than with a rifled slug. It will expand, but not a great deal, since most are solid copper. However, the added accuracy and speed will more than make up for the smaller hole. I am pretty confident out to 150 yds with 3" sabots.
  13. I agree with the foil cooking, too. This works really easily. My base ingredients are a hamburger patty,sliced tatres, a healthy dollop of cream of mushroom soup, and seasonings. Then add veggies of choice. If you do this, everyone can add the veggies they want, and there is very little clean-up. You can eat right out of the foil if you want. Good stuff and you can just throw the foil packets in the coals, rather than use a grill, if you want.
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