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  1. hey ac777 and joe 15, how is the general deer population down there, seemed really good to me, i can say there is alot more deer there then there is where i have currently hunted the past 15 years and that was intensive. also wondering about the quality of bucks. on the old property i would let 8's go every year waiting for them to grow bigger but they never did or another party shot them. thanks again for all the helpful posts.
  2. thats what i was thinking too, just couldnt believe all the deer in the area.
  3. i would not be surprised at all if its a cougar track. we hunt up by sauk centre and found tracks that look exactly like that. we also took a pic by a cell phone and it was 1.5 cell phone tall, we brought the pic to the local dnr and they said cougar for sure and that there has been alot of call ins about cougar sighting as well. since we have found that track we have found 8 deer carcasses.
  4. oh and i plan on bowhunting forsure and possibly slug and muzzy. are they in lottery, management, or intensive harvest, thanks again.
  5. Right on! i only walked around for 5 minutes or so but the deer sign was unbelievable. i kicked up 2 bucks and 4 does just walking the line that goes from the cut corn field to into the woods. i must of counted 15 rubs that were all on nice sized trees. i was told that it hasnt ever been hunted in over 20 years. the farm is located just west of marshall and sits on 400 acres, 250 is cornfield and the rest is all wooded hills and riverbottum, they own on both sides of the river if that helps for any helpful tips. i plan on doing alot of scouting towards march and putting out trail cameras and looking over fields. really excited about this property, thanks for all the replies, keep them coming if there is anymore good tips. thanks
  6. ok i think i see what your getting at here. first its her grandma that lives there. her grandpa passed away and he was the one that farmed it, now the tillable land is rented out and mo one in her family hunts! my questions were for the people that hunt down there to fill me in on any info for a guy that is blind to hunting in this area on stuff to look for when its time for looking for a place to put a stand or blind. i was also curious as to what the general deer populations are etc etc.. thanks for any helpful tips in advance.
  7. well i made it down to the girlfriends family farm for christmas this weekend and to my suprise sits on 400 acres of which 150 is wooded hills and riverbottum that looks really prime. walked around for about 10 minutes to get a quick look and there were fresh deer tracks everywhere, no one has hunted it. i gave everybody [PoorWordUsage] about having all that good land and know one hunts it which should turn out great for me! my question being, that i normally hunt up by sauk centre and this is a much different area, what can i expect and look for, for next years deer season, thanks for replies. chris
  8. i hunt up by sauk centre and during the second weekend of gun season we saw alot of tracks on a private dead end road that seperates are property from the neighbors. we took pictures and showed them to the dnr. he confirmed that it was a cougar and said there has been several reports of cougars in the area. we were back up there today for muzzy hunting and between 5 guys we saw 3 deer carcasses that were completely chewed up and dragged arround. kind of makes a guy a little nervous walking to the stand in the morning.
  9. thanks for all the comments guys. i think i am going to give that property a rest for a few weeks and get out duck hunting and try some fall fishing. i will try to give it another shot around the 25th of october. by then the leaves will be off and most if not all the corn sould be down, i think the corn is a big problem with me right now. there is a ton around, but the weird thing is that on the trail camera i was getting 250 pictures a week up until bow hunting now i am down to 10 or so. so who knows if its all the corn that is still up or not. i do know i am excited that i have the first two weeks of november off to do nothing but hunt all day. it should be a good week with the late firearm season. good luck to you all.
  10. just wonering if there is anybody that has ben bow hunting the sauk centre area. i have been bow hunting the same property now for over 10 years and wouldnt say i see deer every night on stand, but seeing deer has never really been a problem. so far this year the bro and i have been out 15 sits. opening morning i saw a doe an fawn and thats been it and the bro is still trying to see the first deer of year out of stand. we have been very good with scent control and have sat in 7 stand locations and just havent seen deer this year. any advice on what were doing wrong would be great or is it just the lack of deer in the area this year. go vikes!!!
  11. hi. for some reason i cant get the map to come up, can somebody tell me what area 215 is for harvest. two years ago it was intensive harvest then went to lottery last year, thanks for help.
  12. chris35


    Thanks for all of the posts, there was alot of good information. actually just went out and got a direct vent heater. i am pretty sure that 18,000 btus will be plenty for a 6.5 x 14. am i correct? thanks again
  13. chris35


    thanks for your thoughts, i think i am just going to go with a non vented, all the new ones i have read about seem to be just as safe, i should just spend the extra money, but there aint alot there after the fish house purchase, ahaha. anyone else have any thoughts?
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