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  1. How many lines allowed for ice-fishing?? (Spider/Shetak lakes)
  2. Party of three off 61 and Lake Superior. Thought I'd take the 308BLR this year. I had two does at 20feet!!! Was thinking I had to aim low, to compensate for the critter being so close, and the rifle being sighted in at 200 yards. Wrong!! Boom....... no deer. After an extensive, inch by inch analysis, with others saying they saw it looking very healty, we wrote it off. So much for not practicing a couple short shots. Ballistics chart shows it 1.8 inches low at the muzzle...DUH!!
  3. "BFR" = Biggest Finest Revolver?? More like Big $#@!!!##@! Revolver !!! Gosh, my 45/357/44's seem like BB guns... Those bad boys must make some noise.
  4. Yup, 308 Striker Composite with accu-trigger is my short to medium range deer medicine. I have an early XP-100(The one with the diamond on the stock) it's in 223 Remington If memory serves me, they also made them in 221 fire ball. Mine is a tack-driver, with a varible 20X!! Built on the 600 action, china crisp trigger... SWEET Either is a rarity and are the collector's items of the Remington brand.
  5. Savage Striker 308 Winchester, 150 grain Federal Premium 2-7 Burris


    Has anyone seen the video yet??? I can't post a link, but if you do a search on the net, you can see it. It's an ATVthat turns into a JetSki !!!
  7. Mmmm, I bet these would be fun out of my Remington XP100 pistol. Let the catapulting, begin !!!! I just love to see the half sillouete jokers get sucked out the hole on impact. ( using full loads on P. dogs ) This baby will dot the eyes, though most of my trips to the dog towns are early spring with cooler temps. Normal groups are amazingly small, with fast shooting on the town. What rifle are you using?? I once had ruger 77V with a bull barrel that would sometimes seem to open up groups. I forgot what weight Sierra's I was using. They were 22-250 though..
  8. Had a friend call me. He has an 04 300 Cat, that started popping the oil lines off. He tried using the screwdown style clamps, but they blew off too?? After searcing the web, I found an article where someone had the same symptoms. He had installed the filter on backwards. I asked my friend, and he had indeed had someone change the oil and filter. He checked his filter and found it was on backwards. Would you believe it was done at a dealer!!!!! What possible damage could have happened???
  9. Looks like a lure by Excalibur....
  10. America... Land Of The Fee !!!
  11. Why draw the line at watercraft?? Maybe we should have all the swimmers at beaches get screened too!!! Step behind the partition and get your junk screened here!!!
  12. Just heard a tragic story on the radio this morning. Somebody in ?? Ohio, was cleaning a muzzleloader and it was discharged into the air. A mile and a half away, a young Amish woman was struck in the head by the round and killed. Always aim your rifle into the ground or the base of a large tree. Do not fire in the air!! It has to come down somewhere.... S
  13. Our "reduced" loads back in my Army days was a blank cartridge, and a section of cleaning rod!! That combination put meat in the pot on our survival courses!! The cadre never found out our little secret. Pretty sure it's not a MOA load though.......
  14. For some of you....enough light to make out what has been making noise off to your right.... I HATE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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