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  1. fishinjosh98

    mystery tracks

    There were like forty tracks and they were about two feet apart.
  2. fishinjosh98

    mystery tracks

    saw these behind my house, and I have no idea what it could be.
  3. fishinjosh98

    Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    Got this last night. 34 inches.11 pounds
  4. fishinjosh98

    .308 reloading material

    probably nothing more than 150 yards
  5. I am looking to start reloading my deer rifle which is a .308. I primarily hunt deer with it at about 10 yards to 300 yards. Does anyone have any brand recommendations for bullets?
  6. fishinjosh98

    rigs/set ups

    I was just curious as to how people would set up their jigging rods for anything from pike to crappie. And what ice augers people have. thanks.
  7. fishinjosh98

    HSO Deer Photo's

    my first deer.
  8. fishinjosh98

    Deer tracking

    I have never found the answer to this question. How do you know if a deer track is fresh or not?
  9. fishinjosh98


    There is a clearing in some brush by my house. And ever since bow season stare I have seen a truck back. You need five acres to legaly hunt. There is no way there is five acres because e would need signitures and the one guy who would need to sign is very anti-hunting. What should I do about this?
  10. fishinjosh98

    how old?

    I was 11-12 for small game it was tough didn't get anything for a few years but did not give up if you don't get anything the first time don't let it change your mind about hunting
  11. fishinjosh98

    New to deer hunting

    ruger american or tikka t3
  12. fishinjosh98

    tree selection

    Hey, Im looking for a tree that grows fairly quickly and that has really nice fall colored leaves. Anyone know of any good ones?
  13. fishinjosh98


    Besides the typical deer rifle, ammo,license, and blaze oarnge what else should a guy bring with him him for a firearms deer hunt?
  14. fishinjosh98

    begginer archery hunter

    I want to stat bowhunting. I would just like to know what you guys reccomend, whisker biscuits or arrow rest what kind? What kind of Quivers. What kind of sights. And what bows are good and what to stay away from. I am hunting eer too. Thanks.
  15. fishinjosh98

    Deleted my Facebook account . . .

    well my self as a 14 year old enjoys facebook. almost to much but when Im on the lake you wont find me on there until the sun goes down. I mean its hard to see all of our friends and family when we cant drive but I see where you are going with the big brother stuff.