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  1. you will run into trouble with #20 on real cold weekends ! not fun to find out the hard way
  2. Alot of drama for a little job!
  3. This should hold your family
  4. My shack is a 6.5' x 16'canvas drop down wheel house Only weighs 900#,You donot have to colaps it to travel on the road ether North Country Canvas sells them
  5. Jake You can't go wrong on lotw for early walleye, we usual ly go early Dec.
  6. There already is a unit for this and its called the brain. It operates on the software " common sense "
  7. Do you get the DNR number from your fishig license ?
  8. Replace the cables with s.s.
  9. has anyone used the clam led light / fan combo enough to know if the fan is a big drain on the battery ,trying to move the hot air at night "to hot for the top bunk"
  10. Have you seen the All Season Sport Trailer offered at North Country Canvas 6.5 x 15 trailer with insulated three layer canvas. Only weighs 900#, you travel on the hwy with the canvas up! I have one and was one of the first wheel houses out this year. can easly be pulled with a 4 wheeler. There is more info on there web site
  11. Or maybe someone could invent the wheel ?
  12. I would help in any way possiable , then suggest the book "ICE FISHING FOR DUMMYS"
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