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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Ive been kicking around Cedar, Reed and Last Mountain. Not really sure which one Im going to try just yet. Any opinions?
  2. Hey guys, Im thinking about making a trophy pike trip to Manitoba or NW Ontario. I have my own boat and I would like to drive in and camp. Does anyone have any suggestions for a lake to start at? I love fishing Lake of the Woods but the fish seem to disapear after ice out (other than the Warroad River- to many yahoos there...) I have been kicking around Cedar Lake in Manitoba but I havent been able to find very much information on it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Never hurts to set a tip up out while chasing walleyes. Try just below the ice. A lot of times, the pike will cruze below the ice on the reefs gobbling up all of those little dink walleyes people stuff back down the hole. People get a few here and there but the fish are not nearly as concentrated as later in the year. Where do you go in Canada for pike....if you dont mind me asking. Im looking for some new water for pike this winter.
  4. Hey guys, I am looking for a little bit of help. Im tyring to narrow down a few lakes to try for late ice pike fishing. I have done the Lake of the Woods thing (MN side) and dont like the crowds. Im wondering if anyone can give me a couple suggestions for lakes that I could have a decent shot at a few 40" fish? I have been trying to find information on some of the lakes north of the border like winnipeg, manitoba ect. but I cant really find very much. Im not looking for a honey hole, just a general area or lake. I have a snowmobile if that helps. Is Shoal lake (SW Ontario) worth looking at? I am a firm believer of catch and release for those big pike..... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I do a lot of off road driving on the lake, but you definately have to pick your places and pay attention when there is lots of snow. Sometimes you just plain cant get off the roads. I think chains would be better than any tire on the market, for the simple fact that when you break through the crust and hit the sugar snow under it, you will get traction on the ice. Normally when I get stuck, its because I break through a crusty drift and spin down to the ice. Of course I realize there isnt a cure all to getting stuck. I know that putting chains on my tires wont keep me high and dry every day. I am looking for insight from people who have used them as I do not have any experience using them. Thanks everyone for your replies
  6. I dont know if you have ever fished LOTW before but if you want to get away from the crowds (which you do), you need go out to no mans land. At least thats what I like to do. Does anyone have a particular brand or style that they could reccomend?
  7. Anyone use them? I was thinking about getting some for my pickup. I fish LOTW a lot and the past few years they might have saved me a little shoveling. Is there a brand or style that is better than another? Any suggestions on which ones to get? I have a 2010 Chev extended cab 1/2 ton with 265/70/18 tires if it makes a difference. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hey guys, My wifes car clicker isnt working quite right and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? The lock button does not work, but the unlock and trunk button do. I tried replacing the battery and that didnt make any difference. I also tried wiping off the point where the button touched....still doesnt work. Any other suggestions? Its a 2007 Grand Prix if that makes a difference. THANKS!
  10. My wife and I are looking to go on a drive in pike fishing trip to Manitoba or Ontario. We would like to fish within 3-4 hours of Roseau or Warroad but will go further if need be. Can you suggest anywhere for a couple of newly weds to fish in Canada for the first time? We are looking to make a summer trip but also maybe a late ice tip up trip in the next couple weeks... THANKS FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN OFFER!
  11. Hey Guys, I am looking for a couple suggestions for lakes to fish for big pike using tip ups. I dont want your coordinates or anything, Im just looking for a couple brief suggestions for lakes with good big pike populations. I would like to fish within a couple hours of the Warroad/ Roseau MN area. I dont keep any pike, just like to catch them and throw them back. if you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it! THANKS!
  12. Last year I traded my red AA suit for the new (at the time) green plus suit. I wish I would have waited and got the black. The green is nice but the lining isnt really worth it in my opininon. The soft lining makes it a little harder to slide on than the nylon or whatever it is in the regular suit. Not a big deal at all but I would go with the black set instead...either way you cant go wrong!
  13. I have a strikemaster and like it a lot. It is light weight, runs well and cuts super fast. It is normally very reliable but I tried starting it today and had oil spitting out the exhaust hole....dont know whats up with that, but it leads me to my next point, Their customer service is GREAT!
  14. Havent heard anything about The Colorado? Bad unit or just not as popular?
  15. WOW! Thanks for all the help! It is great to see a post that isnt just a vote on what model is most popular! Nice to actually learn something! Im still researching, not sold on any for sure yet. Thanks again guys!
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