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  1. SpringerGuy

    Spring Training Trip

    I just booked airfare for my own trip and have the same questions. Looking for advice. SpringerGuy
  2. SpringerGuy

    Winter Pile-up

    The 1st good hard thunder storm can take care of a lot of it if you want to wait for it. Other wise it's rake the yard. The yard always like good after your done to.
  3. SpringerGuy

    Potty training question, sort of

    When you house broke him, did he understand that also meant the garage too. Maybe he just doesn't know that the garage is off limits if he does not get out and be able to roam free inside of much. I would say to go through the potty training routine with the garage as well.
  4. SpringerGuy

    Dog chews EVERYTHING!

    All of the above. A Golden needs at least a hour of exercise per day. It can be 6 x 10 minute runs or 2 x 30. What ever you can do to add up to over 60 minutes per day. Dogs are like kids, they have to get out and run and play to burn off that excess energy.
  5. SpringerGuy

    How can i tell if my esspaniel is straight field bred?

    A field bred and a bench (show) bred are genetically the same dog. Over the past 80 years or so, breeders have been breeding for 2 different reasons or out comes. A bench breed will have longer ears set lower on the head, droopier looking eyes, and will be larger in size, usually over 60 lbs. Also the hunting instinct has been mostly breed out of the bench bred dogs. Google it and it will show you photos of the 2 standing side by side. You cannot tell by the pedigree. Before you breed, your dog should be at least 2 years old, and at a minimum, have had her hips checked and certified by the O.F.A. Along with whatever stud dog that you use. Consider having the eyes checked as well. Also how close to the breed standard is your female? Everyone thinks that they have the best dog out there. So research it and make sure that you do. As a springer breeder I can tell you that raising a litter is very time consuming and expensive, with stud fees, tail docking, dew claw removal, shots, advertising, and whatever else that you need to do. And that is before you may have any health problems to deal with. It is not easy selling pups if you are not an established breeder. I've been there. As far as getting a tri-color pup, you should get some if you breed to a tri-color male. Everything else is a shot in the dark. I have 2 tri-colors that have never had a tri-colored pup yet. Don't take me wrong, go ahead and have a litter. Just do everything that you can to have a healthy litter and to improve the breed.
  6. SpringerGuy

    Standard Poodle?

    A month or more ago on Kent Hrbek Outdoors, they were out in WI at a lodge that had only poodles to hunt behind. Kent & Erik claimed that they were amazed at how well they did. They were excellent hunting dogs. If I remember my history, back in the 1400's in England they were being bred to be a hunting dog.
  7. SpringerGuy

    Dog House

    A small heater would warm up the air and warm air should cause it to be dryer in the house as well, I think?
  8. SpringerGuy

    Dogs first flush

    When you where training did you only use dummies or did you shoot a few live birds over him?
  9. SpringerGuy

    AKC vs APR

    Point well taken GSPman. Not sure what the APR would do if something is proven to them. I don't plan to find out.
  10. SpringerGuy

    AKC vs APR

    And the AKC doesn't exist to take peoples money? They are the most expensive one out there. AKC doesn't do it for free. All of the other stuff AKC does is basically all for marketing. That is how you get the name recognition to start with. All businesses are out there are to take peoples money. How do you prove that a dog is a pure bred? Show them some papers someone made up? You just have some guys word on it and that is as far as proving it goes in most cases. I would not worry about it. I have 1 female that is registered with APR and her pups have sold with no problem. Almost all pups sold are going to be altered and not bred anyway. Having the hips, elbows, and eyes checked is way more important to me. It is just cheaper for the breeder to register with APR. Some guys are just tight with their money. AKC does not dual register because they are the 800 lb gorilla and don't have to. Everyone else will dual register. Registering dogs is only as honest as the breeder themselves. It is just the breeders word that you are getting the dog they say you are. In some cases the breeder has to send a DNA sample in on the male dogs if they have a certain amount of litters. Then you could compare your dogs DNA if you questioned the parentage. I would prefer to register with AKC and do, just because they are the 800 lb gorilla and have the name recognition.
  11. SpringerGuy

    training my gun dog

    Yes, I agree. A long check cord is the best answer and then work at him returning to you out in the field. It should not take to long for him to pick up on it. Just need to re-enforce the come command. Give the cord a attention getting jerk when he does not respond to the command, then lightly pull him into you while repeating the command, so he understands what is expected of him. He'll figure it out soon.
  12. SpringerGuy

    Won't retrieve a bird

    BlackJack nailed this one. You got to get the dog used to the taste of the feathers. Larger zip ties work well for keeping wings on a dummie. I also used wings on my Dokkens Dead Fowl dummie. Does the same job. Also a freshly shot bird will be warm. He has to get used to that as well. You should not have to use the forced fetch, just get it used to the taste and feel of the feathers. That is what is problem is. Practice before you hunt!
  13. SpringerGuy

    Lab licking paws

    Does she just lick one paw or all of them? If it is just one, she may have a thorn or something embedded into a pad. That could be causing the redness.
  14. SpringerGuy

    2 masters

    My dogs take commands from almost anybody as long as they use the same command words as I do.
  15. Just stop by your vet's office and ask for your dogs shot records. They will print it out and then the vet will sign it. Then throw it in your glove box at have a great time. Been hunting with dogs for a lot of years in MN, IA, SD, & ND. Never have been asked for my paperwork yet when checked by the game warden. You don't want to not have if ever you do need it though.