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  1. Sent my blade to Frank for sharpening on Monday afternoon, got it back the following Monday. From Alaska. Thanks Frank!
  2. cowdisciple

    An Open Letter to all Fishermen

    As far as I'm concerned, carp on the fly is the best game going in the metro area. Tons of big, strong fish and no competition. Why kill them?
  3. I agree that the Rush in particular would benefit from a regulation that encouraged keeping fish under 10 or 12 inches rather than over 12.
  4. cowdisciple

    Why is Punto in the Majors still?

    The positional flexibility he gives you is really key. If you're going to carry 12 pitchers and give one of your four bench spots to a guy who doesn't play the field at all, you HAVE to have Punto's defensive versatility to make the roster work.
  5. cowdisciple

    fishing line

    Agree. I also had a problem with the fireline on my casting reel biting so deep into the spool that I had to cut the whole mess out. What a pain.
  6. cowdisciple

    Straight River help

    That was a good article, but there was nothing happening on the surface while I was there. Caught some fish on a Clouser minnow fished under the logjams. This one was about 17". Had a follow from one that was (much) bigger.
  7. cowdisciple

    Straight River help

    I'm headed up to Bemidji for the weekend, and I thought I'd toss in the tent and tackle and try the Straight River. Anyone have any general advice? Is there anywhere to camp around there? Thanks!
  8. cowdisciple

    Your Biggest Small Stream Trout...Let see it!

    This is from a small lake, but I think it fits here. (released.)
  9. cowdisciple

    If you could only have one...

    Wow, lots of different opinions. Got a MarCum vx1 pro @ Fleet Farm for $279 today. I'll probably take it up to Mille Lacs and test it (and my auger muscles) tomorrow.
  10. cowdisciple

    If you could only have one...

    Ha, that's always a good ploy. I can frequently get a lot of holes drilled for me for one or two 70 cent beers. Everyone wins!
  11. cowdisciple

    If you could only have one...

    Hmm, the consensus seems to be flasher. That's the way I was leaning. Thanks all!
  12. cowdisciple

    If you could only have one...

    Oh, my hand-auger muscles are in excellent shape, and sharp blades go a long way. I'm really torn between the GPS and the flasher, though.
  13. cowdisciple

    If you could only have one...

    Would you keep your flasher, GPS w/ Lakemaster chip or power auger? I have none, but I'm thinking of buying myself a present.