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  1. Hounds&Fish

    Hunting with hounds

    I am East of Hutchinson, I have a german wire hire how and she can hunt any really. I do want to get another hound, but I would like a walker.
  2. Hounds&Fish

    augar mounts

    You should have bought the Arctic Cat with those special racks I believe they even have a special one for ice fishing equipment. I have the 500 and wouldn't have another. They came out with those racks the year after I bought mine but my neck one will have it.
  3. Hounds&Fish

    Hunting with hounds

    Do you every read Full Cry magazine? It is a pretty good read.
  4. Hounds&Fish

    Hunting with hounds

    When I lived out west I hunted with my cousin who had Walkers. I sure do miss it. We ran bears and the young ones ran coons.
  5. Hounds&Fish

    Hunting with hounds

    Any one on this site hunt with hounds? I know in Minnesota they have more laws against hunting with hounds than out west. Just wondering.
  6. Hounds&Fish

    new portables

    I made a deal on the clam 6800, the deal was to hard to pass up. If I hadn't found this deal I was going to buy the Polar 6x12, with three sons we need the room. I think the clam will do the job for a while. Hounds&Fish
  7. Hounds&Fish

    John Deere

    I see John Deere is selling a new ATV with the Bom. I read a deal on it in the ATV MN mag. Any one seen or been on one yet? Hounds&Fish
  8. What about the Twin Cities are you willing to meet half way? You said it is only 1yr old, but is there any thing that is wrong with it. I saw it at Gxxxxx's for 499.00 (I am not sure can you put store name down?)
  9. Hounds&Fish

    new portables

    I have a old Clam portable looking at buying a new one. Do you think the new one will hold up as good as this old thats lasted almost 20 years?