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  1. Update: We checked for spark at all the coils, not totally knowing what we were doing. Anyway seemed like we had spark and was good. So like someone said a few days back, we unplugged the MAF sensor. Low and behold it started. So to town we went. picked up a new maf sensor and after running rough for a minute or so his car is running like new now. Thanks for your help on getting this car going. We did alot of messing around for a such a simple fix, but it sure felt good to get it fixed.
  2. To check for that I assume you have to pull each spark plug and check if it arcs when you turn the car over? We only checked one plug before when we checked for spark. When we did pull that one plug it did seem that the spark was constant but not consistently the same. Sometimes the spark seemed to be less intense, if that makes sense?
  3. In 2008 my wife bought a new Chevy impala. We had the similar thing in the winter on ice. Long story short it ended up being the rear tires were out of align. Not sure if that is the correct term but the tires were running on edge. Ours was extreme to the point it could be seen by standing behind the car and looking at the back tires.
  4. Checked for power to the fuel pump which we did have power. Hooked up a gauge to test pressure and we had around 54 pound s of pressure. So now I am at a stand still again. Any other ideas?
  5. Security light is on when key is on, but goes off when you start cranking it over. I will get a can of ether tomorrow and see what happens. So if it does start I assume you are saying the fuel pump is out. Is there a way to test it to know for sure before throwing a pump in? Thanks again Jeremy for all the help
  6. Posting this for a friend He drove his car. Parked it for the night and in the morning it would not start. It cranks over fine but will not fire. It seems like it sputters and trying to start. He checked for spark and the spark seems fine. On the fuel rail it seems like it has fuel pressure, but not sure if that is the problem. It is a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville with the 3.8 V6. Any insight would be wonderful. Thanks
  7. I wanted to know about fittings and the unique pex with aluminum inside of it. Already planned that it would be wired off-peak which actually is less money then propane. Comparing off peak electric to propane, propane would have to be under 1.30 to be cheaper then electric. I just filled my propane tank last week and paid 1.79/gal. I gave thought to forced air, but the advantages of floor heat outweigh it in my opinion.
  8. I bought a house a couple years ago that the previous owner put 5/8" ipex tubing in the garage floor. I believe it is different then normal pex in that it has a aluminum core surrounded by plastic. Anyways I was gonna go to the BIG box store to get fittings, manifolds and a crimping tool to get set up to get an electric boiler set up to finally have a heated garage. Well they have absolutely nothing in that size for crimpers or fittings of any kind. My question is what do I do? Is this a that unique size? Do I adapt up or down to 3/4 or 1/2? Online I can find fittings and stuff but sure would be easier to just be able to go to town and buy what I need. Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  9. ok another update. Found a blown fuse under the hood like Jeremy said. It was the PARK LPS fuse. Now we have power back to the brown and grey wire. Time to fix the factory end and get a harness to get done with this dang car.
  10. Here is where we are at. I checked the INSTR fuse which is good. I even replaced just in case but still no power to the grey wire. Also no tail lights or amber front lights like you had said Jeremy. Also no backlight to the hvac system other then the little light that tells you the rear defrost is on and the AC is on. So now what or where do we go??
  11. Thanks for the reply Jeremy. No not using a wiring harness adapter, he cut the factory one and was wiring it direct. Good call on the wire colors, but the first problem is we lost power to the grey and brown wire. Any idea what gives them 2 wires there power? Also why is the light system have power wires going to the factory radio?? You are saying the switched power should come from where?
  12. My son decided to replace his factory radio with an aftermarket one. Once installed the radio will power up but no music or any noise come through the speakers. Now he had me look it over, which is of little help, anyway there was a constant power wire and 2 wires that had power with the key on. Well after messing around with it now I had constant power from the one wire, but the other 2 wires that had keyed power no longer have any power?? Any ideas where that keyed power went?? I checked all the fuses, which on this car there is 3 different fuse boxes. No blown fuses that I can find. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide..
  13. Captain that is the most thought out, well worded post I have ever read on this site.
  14. I would love to see the Sioux move into first place, but the #3 team did not split. They won in OT against Maine and beat Connecticut as far as I know. I hope you are right Bryce but I think BU moves into first and we hold 2nd.
  15. Up here in northeast North Dakota it is 1.79/gal for prepay. Im wondering what everyone is doing this year. Are you prepaying? If so what percentage of normal use do you prepay? I plan to prepay 100% of normal after last year spike in price I don't want to have to go through that again.
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