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  1. Any ice conditions or fishing reports to share this time of the year? -Be Safe.
  2. Nice One! Can't wait 'til I get out there.
  3. A TIP: Try aiming at the neck area instead of at the head that should take care of the high shots. Worked for me.
  4. Since you have land to hunt in either areas, I would go the route of where you are actually seeing birds. You'll have a better chance of bagging one and do your scouting homework. Good luck.
  5. Any recommendations on a gps chip for the Endura gps'? Going to try them out for ice fishing this year.
  6. If you guys are talking about MN, I thought it was illegal to carry a fire arm while bow hunting. It might have changed, check on it.
  7. great input everyone, i will try to remember them for next year.
  8. great story but where is a pic. of the bird you shot?
  9. Called in a tom two separate days. First day didn't have the decoy out but the tom was in range. Couldn't get a shot because he was behind some smaller trees. Tried soft purrs but he wouldn't come closer. On sat. called in a tom and jake. This time had the decoys setup(hen and jake). They flew over a stream to get to the decoys but when they saw them they hung up about 20 yds. away leaving me a 40 yd shot. I'm not too comfortable with that shot, so how do I get them to come in closer next time!
  10. How do you call the hens in, meaning what sounds?
  11. Borch, Just curious, but what did you mean by more of a risk?
  12. yes they do. It would cool if you could buy a $10 raffle to help out and maybe even end up winning, you never know. I did that last year, it was a pretty cool outing.
  13. The clicking is perfectly normal. The Marcum runs on a higher watt power(1000 or so) than the vexilar(400 or so), but when you're hitting the IR it lessens that wattage to reduce interference.
  14. I also have a buddy heater, and when it does get a little too toasty in there I feel kind of light headed. So, now I just keep some ventilation in my shack. I suggest you leave some flaps open so there is air circulation, heat rises and collects at the top. This may contribute in you experiencing headaches also. Try it and see how it works. Good Luck!
  15. I'm experiencing the same problem where an oily substance is leaking from the filter housing. If I adjust that flex tube will you think that will take care of the problem. Is that oil from the gas you think then, that is leaking from the filter housing? Let me know more to try and fix the problem. Oh, and I do have the Mako also.
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