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  1. Have any of you guys fished Arvada Res. and if so what do you think? I see in the paper they seem to stock it on a regular basis and even mention there are a few eyes to be had.
  2. I'M with Gilles,after the ice is gone I wait around untill it is warm enought to camp and bring the dirt bike and Kayak out of hibernation, and head to the hills to those secret places,untill then I will wet the line where I can.
  3. Two of us fished Granby today and caught about 20 fish,about 4 of them were 20in.The rest a little smaller,the ice is about 30 in. so you may want to bring the power auger.It was a great day with no wind untill about noon.
  4. I was also up there during the wind storm except I was at Grand Lake,we picked that spot becauce we knew the wind was going to blow,we left at noon on sat.2 hits all day , no fish, ended up with a sand blasted windsheld from the wind blowing the gravel of the surface of the road,the worst day yet. Also saw the 3 tractor trailers blow over by the high winds on I-70 on the way home.
  5. Chad- Have you been to Boyd this week sometime? I would like to go up there Sat. but with the weather being so warm this week I'm not so sure it would a good choice.
  6. Chad - Thanks for the report, I was also their today,fished the north area,caught about 15 or so,3 real nice fat ones.With all this warm weather,this may have been the last weekend,what do you think.
  7. Has anyone fished Boyd the last couple of days with all this warm weather? Thinking about going this Sat. if the ice is still good.
  8. Boyd, Will be our choice this weekend,we did so good last weekend plus the short drive has ruled out Granby, don't get me wrong, I love Granby and usually hit it every saturday,But Boyd is just a nice change.
  9. You can see the results of the 3 lakes contest by looking on the Granby Chamber of Commerce web site.
  10. Yea, I was their also Sat,fished from about 8 untill 2,caught about 20 trout using waxies and one rod,the vexilar sure made it fun.
  11. Look at hsolist,I sold a 19degree transducer and had about 25 people bidding on it.
  12. Ice Man - You don't need a snowmobile to get to good fishing,we just got back today and caught about another 15 or so.We hike down the slope in Arapohoe bay and fish in about 45 to 60 feet.Sucker meat with 2in.tube jigs.The vexilar even make it more fun.
  13. If anyone one is interested I have a fishing partner who wants to sell his one man fish trap, its the flip up type,also has the cover.I bet he would let it go for $125.00 or so. Let me know
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