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  1. if these are the Custom jigs and spins lure, I caught 8 crappies on them today. they work
  2. hey here's another $50, lets keep up the good work!!
  3. thanks for the replies guys, any more out there?
  4. can anyone point me in the right direction in making a decent rib rub? I know alot of people like to keep it a secret, but any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. I caught a 18" smallie on mille lacs this year, The fish had a glow devil, (from ice fishing?) stuck deep down. all three hooks of the treble were buried, I left it in there. The fish appeared to be healthy and fat, it seemed to be doing alright so i didn't want to risk tearing it up.
  6. I have that auger in a 9 inch. it runs awesome. good auger for the money and the blade stays sharp for a long time. the best 200 dollars I ever spent. Mr. Walleyes, it is normal for the power head to have some play inside the auger shaft. every body has it.
  7. They are a little spendy, like 15 or 16 bucks but I saw a couple of flashlights that you shake from side to side to create a charge to run them. I think they have a led bulb. This way they get to burn up some energy charging up their flashlight and you don't have to replace the batteries.
  8. f1sh1nfool


    they can be used in a boat. if you go to marcum's HSOforum they have the highspeed transducers pictured there and they have longer cables.
  9. last year was my first year at low. the biggest one i caught was around a whoppin 15.5 inches. good eatin size but man, it would have been nice to catch something a little bigger. anybody want to share any secrets to finding the bigger ones? I know they are probably closely guarded. I am heade up there jan 9-13.
  10. this year i've seen a few more rods out there with larger size guides. I spend most of my time outside and i will not buy a rod with the small guides. I think i have a couple of rapala rods, a shakespear rod and a couple of thorne bros rods with good size guides.
  11. I have an otter lodge. I would say that if weight and price are of little concern then i would invest in one. put the hyfax runners on and you will have an investment that will last a long time. I have fished out of fish traps and they are great houses too. they have made alot of improvements to them such as a "D" shaped door instead of the old style. the seats and the way they are put in look to be improved also. I have fished out of the eskimos also, but not any of the recent ones so i can't comment on them too much. I would think that if you purchased a fish trap and put the hyfax runner kit on it you will have a good set up for a little less money than the otter. plus you get seats with it. good luck.
  12. my 2 horse jiffy pretty much pulls itself through the ice. the only major effort you need is to hold on and keep it from twisting in the hole. last year was my first season with it. i can say that the improvements with adding the de-icer armor are a big help with decreasing freeze ups. its a little heavier than a strike master but i got a good deal on it. oh, i should add that it is a 9 inch auger.
  13. Quote: Ya you were mistaken, sorry. Two Marcums wont cause problems together, at least in my experiences. A vex with a Marcum or another Vex will go nuts. You play button games trying to get a setting that both people can live with. I used to hate that when I had my Vex. With my LX-3 Im yet to get any interferience from my buddys flashers no matter what they run. Hope this helps. Afunny thing happened last year on low in 30 fow. four guys three with lx-3. one with a fl-8. evertime one of the guys with the lx-3 would adjust the ir the other two had big problems with their lx-3's having lots of interference. the guy with the fl-8 had no problems what so ever. I was one of the guys with the lx-3's i love my lx-3 but it was a little frustrating. I know that this was a lot of electronics in a small area and a lot of overlap of the cones. so i don't expect to be interference free. it just suprised me that the older fl-8 had no problems.
  14. I was there on saturday. I had been thinking about upgrading to a couple of thorne bros rods so i just stopped to look. I don't remember the guys name but he was very helpful. he helped me find just the right length of rod and style for my fishing needs. it was really a no-brainer I picked a perch sweetheart and a deadstick rod. two awesome rods. they come with a 30 day warranty. hopefully i will make it onto some good ice by then. kudos to thorne bros staff they were very helpful. I stuck my new rods into a new revolution bag and was set.
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