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  1. Anyone have any experience with the Jiffy 4 stroke 4G? Looks like you have to be sensitive to the direction you lay the auger down. Any other draw backs? Are they quite? Run well in the cold? Drill well? Am I better off with a 2 stroke? Thanks for any info,
  2. Well, went to the Sports Show this weekend and check out all the rods at the show, many nice rods to choose from, but Capra’s offered me a deal I couldn’t resist. Dean Capra showed me what he like to use for this style of fishing. It was a G Loomis, it felt very nice, but after looking at the price I told him I would only have enough left for a snoopy reel if I bought this rod. He told me that if I bought both the rod and reel from him he would give me 25% off. My wife, to my amazement, jumped in and told me I should by them and that I was going to spend almost that much anyway and this rod was a G LOOMIS . So I did. I ended up with a MRB 843 C Medium Heavy with a fast action and a Calcutta 251 Reel. Watch out smallies I comin and I’m bringin Loomis with me. Thanks for all the input, it helped me be informed before I went to the show. Good Fishin.
  3. I currently have a St. Croix rod, Medium Power, Fast Action, 6 foot 6 inches and I really like it. I just want to know if there is something that might cast farther and fight fish just as well. And yes I am willing to spend $150 on just the rod, and got to have my precious Calcutta reel. It seems like rods are getting so specialized it is hard to tell if it will do what you want. I know I want to be able to cast light lures well and I think it was Bass Pro or Bassmaster that has a rod specifically for that purpose, but they want $200 and I can’t quit justify that much. Seen as I can’t go test them all I thought I might check here to see what others use to cast light plastics. Thanks
  4. You both picked out my current favorite commercials. I laugh every time.
  5. The wife gave me the green light on a new rod and reel this year. I am looking for a rod that will throw a small jerk bait a mile and still be able to fight the fish (BASS)of a lifetime. Stuff like 4 or 5 inch YUM or power baits, platics. I am set on a Calcutta reel, I absolutly love them. I hope to keep it around $150 or less. Thanks for your in put.
  6. I have an 04 Honda Forman ES. She always pops right off, it's just keeping her running that is the problem. It seems to idle to low. If I stay on the gas for a couple of minutes it will stay running, but that is kind of a pain while I am trying to pick up my fishing gear. Anyone else run into this problem?
  7. I can't say it would or wouldn't work. Just keep in mind that the guy who started Fed-X got a C on his business paper, not because over night shipments were a bad idea, but because it was impossible to achieve such a goal. I think if you come up with the right angle it may have a shot.
  8. Well, had my chance at a big one but I he caught me moving . Maybe next year. It seemed slower than normal this year, but that is probably just me. I wouldn't have thought so from all the deer taged at the check out.
  9. Thanks guys, you have given me some things to think about. A couple of you have talked about how the Eskimo Shark turns so fast, is it the kind of deal where as soon as you hit the water you are wet up to your waist? Oh yea, thanks Mr.Seaguar, I would have figured it out, but then you all would have had to hear my complaints that no one told me they turned different directions. [This message has been edited by LoveToFish (edited 10-12-2004).]
  10. I am thinking about buying a new ice auger this year. Does anyone know if the 9 inch Jiffy auger will fit on a 2hp Strike Master motor? I really like the 9 inch hole and Strike Mater only offers it on their 3 blade model. I have a buddy that had the 3 blade set up and the auger it’s self was nothing but trouble, but the motor always ran great. Thanks for any insight.
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