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  1. Yes, you get 2 batteries. It looks like the charger and batteries are setup like a traditional drill battery charger. The faulty switch was no big deal. I never had any issues with it and the claim was that the switch wouldn't shut off if you let go - I get it's inconvenient and I'm not saying it is safe, but don't be an one-who-thinks-I-am-silly - unplug the battery to power down the unit. Also, for free Strikemaster either swapped the switch out or offered to buy back the unit for full MSRP (in Rapala gift card). I'm a little biased due to the superb customer service I've gotten out of strikemaster in the past. I lost the charger for my first gen lithium and they sent me a brand new one for no cost and no questions asked. All in all, I'd recommend at least checking the new units out before bashing them. The true test will come this winter when people starting putting the unit through the ringer.
  2. Was at Cabela's in Rogers, MN this morning and they were starting to bring out all their ice fishing gear. That got me pretty excited in general, but when I saw the new Strikemaster Lithium 40V auger with reverse I was even more excited. I've got the original 40V lithium and it has been great - for anyone looking at a new auger this season I'd highly recommend this new version of the auger based off my experience with the old version. First ice will be here soon and it's going to be great!
  3. On my trip out I actually saw not only structure, but also fish. these were the 2 you tube videos I found the most helpful: 1. This one is fairly specific to the Lowrance HDS Gen 3 2. If you can get through a lot of the rambling, there is some good info on the basics of sonar and how all this technology actually works. Not sure if these will help others, but they did help me out.
  4. +2 for youtube. I'm in the same boat, I've had a Lowrance HDS Gen 3 for 2 years and it's been pretty worthless for me. I figure it's me and not the equipment so this winter I watched as many videos as possible on youtube. I think I've got a decent grasp now. Testing my learnings out in the morning for my first time out on open water this year.
  5. Forgot to mention in previous post - best hunting and sometimes fishing show on TV right now - Gun It With Benny Spies. It's a good ol' boy from SD hunting and fishing. He's got the success rate of us normal hunters without all the fancy TV show "I shoot & catch only trophies" that you see on other programs. Benny looks like a blast to be outdoors with. He gets what us normal outdoors-people see in our hobbies and appeals to that.
  6. MN - Bought my lifetime sportsman's license before I moved IA and most likely SD. Heading to Big Creek in the morning. IA DNR just posted a photo of a 12 lb pig-eye they caught surveying this week. Gives me some hope for a lake I've never caught a fish on trying some new techniques this year.
  7. In Depth Outdoors and Keyes Outdoors are my two favorite fishing shows. Although they do promote products, it's nearly as obnoxious as Gillespie or Ice Team or others. I also like how up to date IDO is since the show is usually aired a week after filming. Just my 2 cents.
  8. First time I've seen this and it is great. Going to be great when needing a few minutes away from work.
  9. I'm looking to give Brushy Creek a shot this year for some muskie fishing and have never fished it before. Not looking for anyone's hotspots (unless your willing to share), but I was wondering if there are any general tips for fishing this lake? I've never been to it before and have heard there's a lot of timber to look out for.
  10. I've been looking at 16 foot Yeti for a while and I like most of the changes. The one I'm not so sure on is the "molded wheel wells." They look like plastic and something that would chip/crack easily. It should be noted I'm basing this thought off of the page photos - I have yet to see a 2018 in person. I really like the new two tone - sharp looking shack.
  11. That was my thought too, but I guess if the wind is really bad one could use their normal anchor or trolling motor to keep them pointed in the right direction. It kind of defeats the purpose, but for some would make sense monetarily.
  12. Lungdeflator, it was not. Our guides had GM pickup trucks and Donovan drives around a Toyota Tundra with a Blackwater Cat graphics. Also, good luck fishing! Hopefully the weather stays decent. We had rain one of the days, but it didn't really change the fish bite.
  13. Just got done with 2 days with Blackwater Cat's guides Ryan and Brad. First awesome guides, everybody we spoke too we outfished. These guys know this lake and how to find fish. Between 6 of us, everyone caught at least one fish over 28" and the biggest was a 31.5" greenback. Had a great experience, I highly recommend the drive to Lake Winnipeg and I'd also recommend calling Donovan from Blackwater to setup a successful trip - both will be well worth it. Here are pics of my dad's 31.5" and the 28" I caught. Some great fun was had on the ice!
  14. Thanks for the info MN Hooksetter - it is really helpful. I'd also be looking at the 12 ft. model, and I'm curious if you find it getting in your way with how high it sits on the boat?
  15. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I'm considering purchasing a Talon (or 2), but before taking on such an expense, I'm wondering if they're worth it? I'm mostly fishing for panfish with my family in IA and walleyes with my friends in MN (lakes of all depths). It would be rigged to an 1875 Lund Impact. I'm assuming having 2 Talons would firmly plant in place, but how do they do in high winds? Do they hold up on rocky bottoms? Are they reliable? What other impressions or experiences have owners/users had? Any info would be great. Thank you.
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