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  1. That's pretty sweet,,,wonder what kind of quality the sled tub is?
  2. If you're going to buy your first rod that's the one to start with. Great rod for Perch and will work for pannies with a spring bobber but it will handle walleye too. Outside guides work fine inside, as for color you've got to please yourself.
  3. I like the looks of the new "Black Betty" ice reel from a Florida based company no less.
  4. Condolences cute pup, been there.
  5. Those Chuck Eye steaks are a tasty steak, I find if you can cook them fresh they are good with just a nice rub. Never heard of the Chuck Eye Roll, sounds like the next thing to Prime rib for a lot less cash.
  6. Glad it worked out for you, let us know if it fills the bill.
  7. My personal experience would direct me to a Hummingbird 325, similar unit and price, Hummingbird has good customer service.
  8. I got all pumped up over the porty mods threads, made a top for my sled, now it is really hard for one guy to load and unload. Used plywood for the top doors, now I'm trying to figure out if I should make some lite weight doors or just get rid of most of them. Kinda stupid dragging around 2/3 of a sheet of plywood, tried making the rod holders in the door lids and wound up buying an Otter rod box after breaking a couple rods, too hard to get into to get rods out too. Live and learn I guess.
  9. I learned that the first time I tried to glue a handle, now I blue tape the cork and the rod and wear throw away gloves.
  10. Etiquette??? Man, haven't seen that word used in a while, I'm just glad to get in and out without gettin' THE EVIL EYE from someone or gettin' dressed down by some DNR Brownshirt!
  11. I have a similar problem, bought a new St. Croix Panfish series rod and the reel seat they come with really sucks. I saw a thread a while back where fiberglass tape(the kind they use for drywall) was used as a shim, anyone had success with it? Thinking of going to a Tennessee style cork handle.
  12. I have Canvas Craft and have no pole problems either, their insulation is thicker too.
  13. Anyone had any experience with this product? Looking at using it on a new home with closed cell foam insulation.
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