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  1. We hunted lake Benton are a on the opener. I was surprised how wet it was I was up to my knee's in water. I walked my slough that was 1to2 feet deep was completely dry.
  2. I don't have anything. The wood peckers even have left me.
  3. I haven't noticed the hummingbirds dropping but I haven't had a Oriole in over two weeks. We are going to have warmer days coming up but I can see them taking off in the next week or two.
  4. last winter Menards still had the packages. At that time the price has not gone much yet.
  5. I have go from going through a jar of jelly in 4 to 5 days one lasting a week. I'm still getting finches and hummers but not like they were two weeks ago. I did have a coon problem that I think I do have under control now I got 9 of them but haven't had one come on the deck for two days. I was taking videos of them on my deck I think they wait until they get to my deck to dump.
  6. Been having this bird come a round the feeders and bird bath. It hangs a round with the gold finches. I'm wondering if it might be a albino finch but don't know if that is possible.
  7. I dug down a few inches put it a zip lock bag, put a check in with it and sent it to the u of m. Look on there web site for soil sample. they will have directions and address. I did it in the fall and got my results over the winter it took like two months to get the results.
  8. when do you put the grass down? Years ago I put fresh grass clippings down around everything that was not planted in rows. It got moldy and I had problems with blight in my tomatoes. A few years ago I sent in a soil sample to the u of m it cost 17.00 but I got a base line on how my soil is doing. They test your phosphorus, potassium and potash. I found out that I needed to add a lot of nitrogen.
  9. has anybody trimmed the tops of your tomatoes? mine are 6' tall and looks like a jungle. I have done this before and it stops the growth of branches and puts it to the tomatoes.
  10. that's probably farm truck
  11. I mix 4 to1 but I only put out 1 to2 cups at a time and dump out quite often. they seem to like fresh stuff.
  12. looking good the sweet corn looks like it's almost ready for the coons to come to visit. good day to spend time in the garden I have concord the weeds from last month. I'm getting more zucchini then I can handle I'm trying to pawn them off on the neighbors.
  13. You can't ask for better clippings then that. I stopped using it all together but this would be the year to use it. Lots of weeds and very dry but my yard is brown so that's not going to be any help.
  14. Do you guys use dried grass clippings or is that fresh cuttings? I used to use fresh clippings and ended up with mold and blight. found out it was from the grass.
  15. my replanting of green beans were doing good until the deer needed a snack and took the kohlrabi with them.
  16. Been gone for a week fishing. Got home to a weed take over plus the deer topped the green beans. I planted more last night and gave everything a good drink hope that will with the weeds today. Did have strawberries when we got home and radishes probably find more after I do some weeding.
  17. things grow better if you have weeds.
  18. Had the first Oriole show up this morning looking for some jelly.
  19. anybody check out the deal at Runnings on plants. A flat of vegetables plants or flowers for $20
  20. got my shipment of rings and lids over the weekend.
  21. when I was in fifth grade we got a brand new snowmobile for Christmas. It was a 1975 Rupp sport for $525. I rode the hell out of that thing.
  22. I have been looking at the parts fish but I can't find that one part. I did find a picture of a motor with it.
  23. Just south of you we all kinds of birds. Mostly wood peckers, finches and blue jays. filling everything about every other day.
  24. when I bought my land I had to use my house as collateral. It didn't mater to me witch one I was making payments on. Interest rate on a home will probably be lower anyway.
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