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  1. her nose is looking much better. My wife is a wound care nurse so she has been putting some different ointments on it and noticed last week that it was getting better. So over the week she has been applying it quit often. All the swelling is gone and the pigment is all most back.
  2. My young lab"s nose has something up with it that just showed up two weeks ago. The pigment has changed and it is slightly swollen. She will let me touch it and push on it so I don't think it hurts her. I was thinking she might have gotten it from playing with the cat with she does a lot but I have never a cut or scratch. I have put different creams on it but hasn't helped. thanks Dan
  3. The Orioles were pretty consistent until July they came back first week in August and now are gone for the winter.
  4. well you were somewhat right it was less then pretty. Looks like the team has some talent on it. The RB and WR will be fun to watch I was disappointed in the o-line the big guy on the end is so big he can't move. SD's smaller d-linemen were stunting on him and he couldn't keep up. PJ got out coached in that game.
  5. we were looking for a campground on the lake. unfortunately most of them are all seasonal campgrounds.
  6. We are thinking of going camping on mille lacs this fall. does anybody have a campground that they recommend? Looking to stay on the west side or off of 169.
  7. Try Teds RV they have a shed full of scrap out campers.
  8. if they want to with the big boys they need to win a game like tonight
  9. how does the squirrels like them? I made two of them and the squirrels have them dumped out when I get home for work.
  10. It would be best if we would know what area you are talking about. I have mvtv wireless that covers west central mn and it works very well.
  11. I would be very disappointed with a speed test like that. I just about get that and I have a antenna that shoots to a tower that is 4 miles away but I don't get any buffering. My be with your population in your area they can't supply enough for the area.
  12. That is some great photography!
  13. looks like the twins lost out on Keuchel . just wouldn't do the third year.
  14. I don't have much luck with oranges. I use grape jelly.
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