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  1. when I bought my land I had to use my house as collateral. It didn't mater to me witch one I was making payments on. Interest rate on a home will probably be lower anyway.
  2. as fare as reliability goes can am machines are very reliable.
  3. That's a cool picture of your dog and the car.
  4. from what we are seeing here in meeker county the road side report is off. we are seeing birds but not as many as anticipated. I talked to the farmer that has the land by my land when he was combining corn he wasn't seeing any more then years past.
  5. thanks for the tip I will have to try them next year. I have them by my apple trees trying to keep them out of the apples.
  6. we still have hummers flying a round. the Orioles left in last weeks cold spell. The finches are putting the feed bag on and still holding there color. I had some bald face hornets take over my jelly and hummer bird feeders. Seamed to chase most of the birds away. After I pulled the jelly the hornets stopped coming a round now other birds are back and look more relaxed. I hope those hornets don't comeback next year they are a bad one-just-like-silly-me looking bug.
  7. About a month ago our yellow lab helped her self to a bag of candy bars. Vet said to get her to through up two to three times. She only does that kind dump when she is home alone. So she heads to her kennel when we leave now. Boy what things we go through for our dogs. Glad things worked out for you and your lab.
  8. Was out to check the garden after the rain today. Started looking at the squash and found this. That is a size 13 shoe next to it. I found 4 more of them that size.
  9. we have a lot of juveniles coming in.
  10. yes you have to boil it. I use to put it in the microwave but they don't like it as much. I mix it 1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of water.
  11. keep the juice fresh especially on the hot days. When it ferments they will hesitate to come back.
  12. The birds have started to comeback here. I need to do something about the coons they are raising hell with the bird feeders. they have wrecked my jelly feeder.
  13. holy dump that looks good
  14. I'm noticing the gold finches have disappeared. I had some coming to the feeders now basically none. i was thinking nesting but I looked them up and they don't nest until July. The other birds are going nuts a jar of jelly only lasts 3 days. Just would like to keep the tree rat out of the feeders.
  15. if it fits in then folded up get a regular mattress. We couldn't a descent night sleep up till we replaced ours.
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