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  1. Had a robin at the bird bath this morning. I have never had a robin on my deck. It has been a odd year feeding birds. The only birds that consistently come to my feeders are woodpeckers.
  2. fishingstar


    so me trying to sneak up on them at my patio door isn't going to work
  3. fishingstar


    I have been trying for years. they are one jumpy birds.
  4. you have to relay watch the weight distribution. Mine has a lot of tongue wight. My truck is newer and handles it fine but my sons 02 gets push around by it. I believe it is the biggest single ax fish house ice castle makes.
  5. track tension and rear suspension setup will cause slide to wear out.
  6. This all you should need. I used similar wire in my house and it has been fine for five years now
  7. the finches are only a round for 15 to 20 min day. tons of woodpecker blue jays but that"s it
  8. my son uses them under tip ups for northern
  9. Bob Seger last year and going to the Eagles in April for are 25 wedding anniversary.
  10. I had 97 puma I paid $900 and had under 1000 miles on it . All 3 of my boys grew up driving it. Two years ago I sold it with 3500 miles on it for 800 and I wish I still have it. The small cats are very reliable and don't have the clutch problems the bigger ones have. I also had a indy lite for them that didn't give us any problems either.
  11. I still have one of these. It works well during the day and if it's clear water. the lights are on all the time but they don't help much
  12. o boy world series here we come. Well looks like they have trade bait at the dead line
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