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  1. looks like its Eric Decker
  2. Lindsay Whalen or Ryan Saunders
  3. I have fly line on mine but i have three different colors. works good for untangling.
  4. they make a lot of things that go with those wall mounts. I have some rod holders for them and they are nice.
  5. I have Lindell's but I also use a battery operated strike indicator.
  6. Annexstad is supposed to be a better quarterback. But Morgan is a better leader.
  7. fishingstar

    Ice Reports

    sheet of ice on star when I got home from work today.
  8. out on our annual Lac qui parle trip. first day was very slow only 3 hens today. This area is way behind in the crops. not many field are combined . All our favorite spots have crops all around them. We headed west looking for new hunting areas to hunt with some potential. We will see in the morning if the new spots will pan out.
  9. her nose is looking much better. My wife is a wound care nurse so she has been putting some different ointments on it and noticed last week that it was getting better. So over the week she has been applying it quit often. All the swelling is gone and the pigment is all most back.
  10. My young lab"s nose has something up with it that just showed up two weeks ago. The pigment has changed and it is slightly swollen. She will let me touch it and push on it so I don't think it hurts her. I was thinking she might have gotten it from playing with the cat with she does a lot but I have never a cut or scratch. I have put different creams on it but hasn't helped. thanks Dan
  11. The Orioles were pretty consistent until July they came back first week in August and now are gone for the winter.
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