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  1. I get a lot of birds but I can't get any cardinals. I can hear them in the mornings but don't see them at the feeders
  2. they make a paint less dent puller. It is a pulling button that is glued on and used to pull the dent out. My son does body work and he was talking how well it works. It looks like it would help that dent but the top of it has a crease at the top.
  3. I had problems with my 02. I found that the plug on the truck side going to the plug at the bumper was corroded. I hope that made sense I cleaned it up and put dielectric grease on it.
  4. big time bad thing to do is to run a snowmobile engine with out the belt on although without the clutch on
  5. a quick google shows crank problems with that motor. My guess that is why it turns over hard.
  6. I hope they take there time to find the right guy and so Glen Taylor does not pick him out .
  7. woles fired tibs after the win over the lakers flips kid Ryan Sanders will take over.
  8. on sunday morning I would skip church and go to a friends house to watch awa and mean Gene
  9. they also added a player that is very influential to Sano. He is good friends and a roll model to him. They grew up in the same town in the Dominican and Cruz took interest in Sano when he first started in the Twins academe.
  10. It has to get colder maybe January.
  11. fishingstar

    Joe Buck

    joe buck is a pompous one-just-like-silly-me. But you are right a bout the tight end and that hole monday night thing. Romo I like.
  12. why did it take them so long to come up with doolys? they were game changers for the wife and kids
  13. like duffman said spiderweb or something in the gas orifice. youtube it and may videos on how to clean it.
  14. This team is not going anywhere with Tom Thibodeau as there coach.
  15. The old blowers were built to last and it sounds like yours is one of them. The newer ones are lighter and more maneuverable.
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