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  1. The birds have started to comeback here. I need to do something about the coons they are raising hell with the bird feeders. they have wrecked my jelly feeder.
  2. holy dump that looks good
  3. I'm noticing the gold finches have disappeared. I had some coming to the feeders now basically none. i was thinking nesting but I looked them up and they don't nest until July. The other birds are going nuts a jar of jelly only lasts 3 days. Just would like to keep the tree rat out of the feeders.
  4. if it fits in then folded up get a regular mattress. We couldn't a descent night sleep up till we replaced ours.
  5. yes the ground is still cold. I have put in radish and lettuce this early before and they have come up. not like I'm out much I used last years seed.
  6. anybody plant anything yet? I put in some radishes to day.
  7. We had some nice yellow gold finches yesterday and this morning. I noticed the color change over the last week. They will really stick out with the white background tomorrow.
  8. we have had loons here for about a week. It won't last long they will head north as soon as the lakes open up further up north.
  9. Had a robin at the bird bath this morning. I have never had a robin on my deck. It has been a odd year feeding birds. The only birds that consistently come to my feeders are woodpeckers.
  10. fishingstar


    so me trying to sneak up on them at my patio door isn't going to work
  11. fishingstar


    I have been trying for years. they are one jumpy birds.
  12. you have to relay watch the weight distribution. Mine has a lot of tongue wight. My truck is newer and handles it fine but my sons 02 gets push around by it. I believe it is the biggest single ax fish house ice castle makes.
  13. track tension and rear suspension setup will cause slide to wear out.
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