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  1. Ive cooked some inside out cheesebugers before, its a little tricky since its hard to control the heat,but nonetheless they turned out great. nothing beats a hot meal out on the ice on a frigid day weather it be ramen noodles (lol) or somthing a little more challenging.
  2. Well from my past experiences the weather man dont know squat when it come to predicting a forcast accuratly. With that being said IM predicting anywhere from 0"- 16" of snow lol. hopefully itll stays south for the sake of (somewhat) early ice fishing.
  3. one word MILLE LACS!!! tons of bars everyone on the lake is a party animal and you can order strippers right to the icehouse out there. what else is there to say
  4. hey blaine, i used to do that up on mille lacs in the perm when the fishing was slow it usually seemed to work, not always though of course. lol
  5. i always creep up to the tip up,in my experiance the fish get spooked not cause they can see you but the noise of you running on the ice directly above the fish.
  6. I usually grab the line,open the icehouse door and swing it till the line snaps and the fish is out of the door on the ice for the eagles to feast on. Btw you gotta love it when the tail curls up around your arm......
  7. lol when i first saw the headline on yahoo i thought they clocked his [PoorWordUsage] running at 109 mph !!!!!!
  8. Sweadish pimples (silver with gren glow) work good, i like pretty much all of northland tackles jigs especially the buckshot ones and rapala minnow jigs are super hawt. I would suggest tying jigs if you use a clip your gonna lose alot of the feel in the line while jigging, walleye can be super finiky and alot of times the bite is extremly light so you will need to be able to feel the smallest of bites. Ive caught some large eyes on a super light bite. good luck
  9. If your new to ice fishing you should wait till 5-6 inches to walk out and take note of other anglers,if you dont see any it might not be safe/spring fed which can make ice conditions vary quite a bit. Important thing is to let someone know where your going if you are unsure of the lake you are fishing
  10. does anyone know how the ice conditions are on south center
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