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  1. Sorry to anybody that replyed but i've been out of town. I think that i emailed pictures to everybody but if missed any of you please repy and let me know. Thanks (GUIDE HAS BEEN SOLD) [This message has been edited by fishinfever (edited 01-03-2004).]
  2. Hey Hemlock, no swearing is allowed on this web site. I'll be home by 5 o tonight and try to send the pictures to you again.
  3. Hemlock i tryed again to email you and it did'nt work.So email me and i will give you my phone # [email protected]
  4. Hemlock, I emailed you pictures but they came back, something must be wrong with your email.
  5. Sorry Tonkabach the holes are tiny pin size and a very little hair line cut. This house is still in very good condiction and a very good buy at $250.00
  6. The guide comes with 2 removeable seats on a slideing casey. 4 tiny pin holes,and a 1/2 inch hair line cut in the canvas. I just got it down from the rafters and took some pictures.
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