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  1. outdoorsmanwilly


    We hunted Thursday Friday and Saturday with every day improving shot 10 light geese 3 canadians and 25 mixed ducks over those 3 days for 4 guys, lots of migrators coming down, the sloughs are very dry and most of the smaller ones froze up on Thursday night which didn't help. All in all a good trip. Will
  2. outdoorsmanwilly


    Fish thanks for the heads up, We have it planned for next week so at least I'll Miss the MEA weekend yahoos.
  3. outdoorsmanwilly

    Best hook for live minnows?

    My go to is Tru Turn style hooks size 2 and 4 and both red and Gold are good colors...
  4. outdoorsmanwilly

    Early goose season

    Thanks moose. Made it out yesterday morning had our 3 man limit by 7:25. Lots of birds in the area! Time to make some sausage, Jerky, and goose stew!
  5. It's that time of year again. How did everyone do? We had a solid opener taking 30 birds with 6 guys Saturday and 12 more birds between Sunday and monday. Pics are from Saturdays hunt.
  6. outdoorsmanwilly


    Thanks Moose! I will give an update after the weekend on how we did.
  7. outdoorsmanwilly


    I'm excited to get on some geese in 4 days! Got the lock on a field with 300 birds using it. Also lots of ducks in the area so thinking should be a good year. That's awesome moose, always great seeing the smiles on the kids faces.
  8. outdoorsmanwilly


    Thanks guys! I will definitely keep that in mind as we set the dates, and if it freezes up there, then just might have to chase them around home! Thanks
  9. outdoorsmanwilly


    Now if only we could hunt them in the central part of the state.
  10. outdoorsmanwilly


    I am planning my first trip to Nodak this fall, and am planning on going around the end of October. I am plan on going to the bottineau area or valley city. I'm not looking for any spots but any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated as I don't know what to expect. Thanks!
  11. outdoorsmanwilly


    Hi all, I am looking for some help with Tonka, I will be helping out with a Take a Vet Fishing Event there and haven't fished it much this year. We will be looking for bass and probably pike as well. If anyone has any info on how it is fishing this year or good spots to try would be helpful. You can PM me if you don't want to reply to this. Thanks in advance. Will
  12. I just got two dozen of the white rock blackout silhouette decoys with 3D heads, they are really nice and I'm excited to use em in about 8 days!
  13. outdoorsmanwilly

    Swim jig trailer

    I generally use gambler big EZ with my swim jig, they seem to last 4-5 fish unless they are just being hammered then they get torn up after a 2-3 fish.
  14. outdoorsmanwilly

    Wbl Smallies

    What depths do you guys like to fish most for small mouth and what is your favorite technique? I've only ever caught them on wbl fishing fairly shallow rocks with texas rigged sencos or shallow cranks.
  15. outdoorsmanwilly

    Big marine bass

    Hey guys, I fished big marine lake the other day for the first time and caught lots of fish, but the biggest ones I could catch were around 2.5 pounds. Anybody ever catch big bass out there or is about the biggest that are in the lake? Any tips for the lake would also be appreciated! Will