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  1. I think the best way to compare, is to look on You Tube for side by side comparisons, That is what I did, then chose the Strikmster and have no regrets.
  2. Here is a project for you when fishing gets slow.
  3. I suggest you pick up some fabric glue at a sewing store such as “Jo Ann Fabrics” I just got done putting on a couple patches on my Otter, and man that stuff stuck! There are a few choices available, I chose the one marked super, and it lived up to its name.
  4. I agree with Surface Tension, and I quit using whatever kind I was using. I have a few of those old small baitcasters like “Southbend” “ “Pfluger”, etc. which I pickup at garage sales, flea markets. As long as they freely spool, they operate the same as an in-line at a fraction of the cost. Now for my lake trout rod I use a small bait caster with a line counter that I feel is essential for deep water so I know where I am at, especially when they are chasing.
  5. This single swivel seat is adjustable to fit all Otter sled sizes. In excellent condition, very comfortable. $50 Call or text 218-760-0687
  6. HT one man shelter with built in seat. No rips or tears. Sets p in seconds. 27lbs. This shelter is no loner offered for sale. $75 call or text 218-760-0687
  7. I think the market for crossovers has disappeared with the advent of cell phones and navigation apps. This is fine for users on metropolitan lakes, but when you get out into the bush on remote lakes and in Canada, your cellphone is useless. My mention of Garmin being the most versatile is based upon what lake and snowmobile cards are out there. The free Mn DNR snowmobile map is limited to Garmin as is Red Pine Maps. There is more available when it comes to lake and fishing maps, but it seems most of the newer units use micro cards, so if you are looking at these, your old SD cards won't work,
  8. I have used a Lowrance XOG (no longer available) on my boat and on my snowmobile for years now with no problems with cold or speed of tracking. I use a Lakemaster card for Minnesota lake for fishing, a Navionics card for coverage in Canada and LOW for winter and summer fishing, and a Red Pine snowmobile trail map for riding. Have ridden at 30 below without any problem with the touchscreen, it is hooked up to sled power, so it probably is getting some heat, and I put it inside my jacket when I get off. I recommend that you do a little research on the available chips for where you are going beca
  9. Unfortunately I have had similar experiences. Barry and Carol are no longer taking care of their customers and I have done many trips there. Last spring, I finally decided it was my last one and not worth traveling that distance for mediocre fishing and service at a premium price. We don't get any exchange for our US dollars which is not true of some other Canadian resorts. I have found much closer and better fishing.
  10. https://shopping.shadetreepowersports.com/en-us/products/snowmobile/helmets/modular-helmets/solid-ckx-tranz-1-5-rsv-modular-helmet-winter Would be hard to beat the price of the above Modular helmet with amber sunshield at $70 sale price for the yellow one. I recently paid $92 for same helmet and I like it, comes with a nice bag and travel case and has a quick release chin strap. An electric shield can be added.
  11. Today (first day of standard time) reminded me to exercise my spare tire. A year ago I bought a 2003 Suburban which was my first with a spare tire underneath. After listening to a friend's horror story about getting a flat in Canada on a fishing trip and being unable to lower his spare, I decided I should check mine out and sure enough, it would not lower. After some internet research about this common problem, I was able to release the safety catch and lower the tire in the convenience of my driveway without an emergency, it was not all that easy. The catch was very corroded with rust. I clea
  12. I was talking about the paint mixer. After I lost mine, I bought the slush copter made up north with the foam sleeve, and I would not be without it in my shack when I am drilling new holes with my gas auger. When I reopen holes with my electric, which runs slowly, I simply reverse the bit to throw the slush down under the ice. I don't have the money for an Ion electric with reverse which would be the clear ticket.
  13. Works great until it falls out of your drill bit, I've got one sitting on the bottom of Lake Bemidji. Now use the commercial one which can't sink, and it is the only way to go in a permanent house unless you have an electric auger which reverses.
  14. That is interesting because that situation, (the cable breaking), is exactly what the secondary safety latch is supposed to prevent. The latch must have corroded keeping it from spreading the hook open when the tension on the cable released. Had there been a serious injury, I think GM or whoever the Mfg. was, would be looking at a good lawsuit because this problem is well known.
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