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  1. Fulldraw84

    Ice expo Ice saw dealer?

    Got my saw yesterday. This thing is impressive. Going to give it a run on Friday. Thanks again guys.
  2. Fulldraw84

    Ice expo Ice saw dealer?

    I ordered one online from Fish Toys. I didn't end up having time to go to the expo. Thanks guys
  3. Fulldraw84


    I heard the nils blades bend pretty easy. Not sure if they changed the design or not. Might have to make the trip just to see. Kind of an expensive research trip though.
  4. Fulldraw84

    Ice expo Ice saw dealer?

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anyone has seen the Fish's ice saw at any booths at the ice expo in the past. I really don't want to spend the money to park and get in if they don't have any? Thanks
  5. Fulldraw84


    I was hoping to go find an ice saw for a good deal. Any idea who would have them down there?
  6. Fulldraw84

    Fishing the Smaller Crankbaits

    my opinion is to not use anything. being able to quickly change lures is leaving you with an old knot.Making it a bad situation when you get a big fish on. Learning a good knot only takes a little practice. go to youtube and watch some videos. Find one you like to start and just practice. No worries
  7. Fulldraw84

    Fishing the Smaller Crankbaits

    I didn't think I lost feel when I tried them. But every time you change lures your missing a good opportunity to retie. losing a fish to a broken knot is the worst feeling ever.
  8. Fulldraw84

    Jerk baits?

    Do you guys ever take your jerkbaits and put them in cold water to test their suspension? I did all of mine in 50, 48, and then 46 degree water. I couldn't believe the difference in some of the baits I have. Even the pointers were different from each other. I ended up taking some small solder I have and wrapping the treble in front to get a really nice slow float on them. I know The density of the water changes with depth and temp, but now I figure My baits are on the same playing field. Next time I order some baits I'm going to get an Ima Flit 120 or 100. They look pretty killer in the one video I seen.
  9. After some research I think we settled on Shell or one of those lake north of rice lake. We'll probably go to the lake with the least boat traffic. This opening trip is initially to get a feel for what mood the smallies are in and get the rust off before I make a long weekend trip to Lake Vermillion. I will be on Mille lacs this year, but the smallie season will be three weeks old at that point.
  10. Fulldraw84

    Fishing Trips

    I want to do a couple trips to Mille Lacs for smallies,also a plan for Vermilion on opener. I would like to do the WI opener for C&R bass but don't know much about which lake have Smallies. Still researching.
  11. Hey guys. I decided to give Wisconsin some time this year for smallmouth. I've only fished for musky before across the border but really have been refocusing on bass the last few years. I was thinking about trying Shell or the lakes north of there for opener but was wondering if any lakes closer have good smallmouth in them. After I seen the videos from Torry Rhodes I figured it would be fun to try some bass fishing earlier than I have before. Thanks for any help, Joe
  12. Fulldraw84

    Fishing the Smaller Crankbaits

    +1 for RK If there is any cover in the area to fish I go with a heavier setup, Just to get the fish out. something like a med hvy spinnerbait rod. Something you can make shorter accurate cast with. Line size should go up accordingly. Don't be afraid to try braid also. In these types of areas I find it best to think of the crankbait like a jig, It might get hung up, but you might just catch a hog! Dont be afraid to run into cover. For open water I have a Phenix X10 rod that I love for the smaller baits. A 6.4 to 1 reel since the baits don't dig to hard. I go back and forth between 10 and 12 pound test.
  13. Fulldraw84

    Sheephead/ drum after iceout?

    Thanks for the help guys. I cant wait until this hard water is gone.
  14. Fulldraw84

    Scatter Rap

    If it goes through grass decent it will be good. I wonder how it will deflect off of cover?
  15. Fulldraw84

    Table Rock in Mid-June

    I went to Table rock last spring and got a guide for the day. Pete Wenners is the name and he showed me and the girlfriend a good time. [Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]