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  1. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    56 inch minimum?

    The only downside I see is the occasional large fish that dies from the hookset or in the fight and doesn't make it, but there are likely far more fish saved from the 56" size limit than those lost by hooking mortality. Those big fish could go home for a mount, but if smaller than 56" back in to the lake. But like Mufasa says "circle of life" The snapping turtles will be happy with us!!!
  2. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Who makes custom muskie rods?

    Is Keith Terlinden still making rods? Last I heard he was done as far as at the volume he previously been.
  3. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Calcutta 700te

    No that is the norm for the 700te. You will need to engage the reel by flipping that lever at the end of every cast. Good purchase its an awesome reel. peace dan
  4. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Lindy Giveaway Sunfish Package!!

    I am in
  5. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Duluth Musky Hunters

    Hey everyone, I am up in Duluth for short stint for school. If anyone is looking for a musky fishing partner, the river or Island, especially evenings during the week I would enjoy getting out. I have two rods and some baits with and would be willing to pay for gas. [email protected] tight lines Dan
  6. how old? Does it have the bench seat? thanks dan
  7. how old? Does it have the bench seat? thanks dan
  8. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Muskie Rod and Reel

    the 40 is a beast. It gets to be a lot of reel as the day wears on and its not the smoothest, but is a good overall reel... but boy oh boy do baits move fast!!!! you will be attain speeds that muskies will love.
  9. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Red October Tubes vs Jimmy

    Red October way more versatile and the rigging systems are second to none.
  10. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Suicidal Muskies!/Prime Time Cancellation

    $350 for a full day is the going rate I think right now. You can double check at Tim's HSOforum www.bigfishunt.com he is a great guy to fish with and will work hard to put you on fish. Dan
  11. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Anyone catch MonsterQuest tonight about Gigantic Muskies?

    that is how that show is though, it puts the same spin on all the fish that it shows on there...man eaters...whether true or not. Just the way it makes the show more entertaining...I guess. Dan
  12. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Sunny Conditions

    Speed and brighter color patterns would be where I would start with the puzzle. if nothing goes then move deeper/ shallower or switch presentation. Being on the water and fishing during "primetime" on days like the past week are substantially up your odds. You will need to let your previous experience and your fish encounters from each day determine how you are going to get fish to bite. tight lines Dan
  13. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    Sand Muskies

    Depending on how pressured the fish are you may be able to use a swim jig and big shad tail, pitch in front of them and get them to pick it up. Otherwise, when more pressured, you need to try what everyone else has said: speed, noise, be aggressive --- get the fish to react. tight lines dan
  14. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    spinnerbait color?

  15. Dano_the_jigasaurus

    What Costa Lenses?

    the copper lenses are great all around fishing lenses. The new silver mirror are copper based and are very versatile they work great in most conditions. I would go with 580s if they are in your budget. the difference it noticeable between the 400s and 580s. dan