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  1. Nice Eyes, and nice pics too! Now I REALLY am anxious for the ice here. Later, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  2. Howdy all, I impulse bought a few of the swedish pimple spoons. In the package, there are a bunch of other parts, extra split ring, extra little willow spoon, extra hook (single instead of the treble already on the spoon) What are these for? How should I rig them for ice fishing? Thanks, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected]com Lapeer, Michigan
  3. Howdy all, I think I'm almost ready for the ice. I have a Fish trap Voyager. Where is the best place to install the license/address holder? Thought I'd ask before I just picked a spot, wondering where to put it so it still folds up nice etc. Thanks, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  4. One day while fishing a reservoir in Arizona with my German Shorthair, we where in my 16'Lund and going across the lake at around 25mph. All of a sudden, Patch is looking over my right shoulder! He's standing all 4 feet on the gunnel of the boat (hanging 10 so to speak). Craziest thing he ever did. He must have wanted a better look at the scenery? After a few minutes he just got down and stood in the back of the boat like normal. I sure wish I had it on video. The first time I took him fishing, he was 3 months old and we where stream fishing. I had to help him over fallen logs along the stream. Whenever I stopped to fish, he would lay down and sleep with his head on one of my feet. He was a great dog, we spent countless hours chasing quail, pheasants, crappie, bass, trout. Enjoy your dogs boys, they don't live forever. Later, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  5. I have never seen one of these in person and the pictures left me with a question. How does the rod attach to the half-moon pin? Does it just sit there? or is there a part that attaches to the handle and fits over the pin? A larger picture of that connection would ease my concerns. thanks, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  6. Good question, I'm ordering an LX-3 tonight (Seems like everyone has them for $399, got free shipping on the internet) I'm gonna get a second transducer for my electric trolling motor, my guess it will work fine. Later, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  7. Any pictures of the Rock n reel tub mounted holders? Thanks, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  8. Thanks guys, Yes the river that is few 100ft away that has pike in it (shown north of pit). The feller told me that the depth is over 100' in spots (he actually said over 200', but thats hard to believe) I'll find out this winter. He also told me to be VERY Cautious as there are a couple springs that seep in and cause fluctuations in the ice depth. As far as safety. 1)Never going alone 2)Each having a rope 3)Each carrying safety picks (hand spikes). What other safety precautions? Thanks, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan [This message has been edited by AJPeacock (edited 12-04-2003).]
  9. Howdy all, Found out about a sand pit that supposedly has some BIG pike in it. I found it on the TerraServer (satellite images), its almost 1/2 mile long and 200 yards wide. I was told that the center of the pit is very DEEP. The pit is pretty well off the beaten path and doesn't even have a name. So, is there a good chance that there ARE big pike in there? How would you attack it? Its in mid-lower Michigan. http://webpages.charter.net/thepeacocks/fishing/photototal.gif Thanks, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan [This message has been edited by AJPeacock (edited 12-04-2003).] [This message has been edited by AJPeacock (edited 12-04-2003).] [This message has been edited by AJPeacock (edited 12-04-2003).]
  10. I use the track mounted rod holders from Pursuit sports on my Salmon boat. I plan on mounting a 12" track under my chair and using the same holders I use during the summer. Should work great. Later ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  11. Lucky7, I would love to take you up on your offer, if I ever get back that way. I cut my teeth on the Taylor river above the reservoir, on Illinois creek and all the other tributaries up that way. Mostly brookies, but some nice browns, cutthroats, rainbows and cutbows. Those where the days, $2 in tackle was all it took. Good luck up at Steamboat. ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  12. Lucky7, I see you're from Colorado Springs, you wouldn't be planning on going after one of those monsters up at Taylor Reservoir would you? Just curious, I'm a Colo. native that misses that area. Good Luck, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  13. Guys, I plan on getting a Marcum for Ice fishing, my question is. I want to use it with a transducer on my electric trolling motor in the summer. So if I get it with that transducer this year, is it gonna be a pain in the butt to use on the ice? Then next year, I can get the dual beam for ice fishing? Opinions? Thanks,
  14. I read most of the responses, but may have missed this. A transducer is just an antenna, seems like it would be obvious to Marcum to market a different Xducer next year to compete with the dual on the Vexilar. Does anyone have a contact at Marcum they could ask about that possibility? I'm gonna get the Marcum and will bet that I'll be getting a dual (or tri-) transducer for it next year! Anybody want to bet? Later, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
  15. I don't know how small the dog was, but I've seen some pretty big holes cut in the ice! Later, ------------------ Don "AJ" Peacock [email protected] Lapeer, Michigan
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