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  1. child23

    Ideas for travel cover

    I have a frabill ranger triplex and the travel cover for it is sun faded and starting to rip. Any ideas where I can get a new cover or someone who can make it. Dimensions of the sled are 77" x 45". I've been looking but havnt found anything that will fit quite right.
  2. There HSOforum is drccalls.com. I believe that Corey loffelor is who Runs it. I don't really know him but I do have a couple of their calls
  3. Hi canopy. I think you are thinking of drc calls that is based in the area
  4. child23

    what is the age limit for turkey license

    Hey 1957 I'm not sure there is a minimum age for the license. I think I was looking at a license breakdown on the dnr HSOforum and I believe two years ago the youngest was 2 years old which in my opinion is a little young and last year was 4.
  5. child23

    Best 'Starter' bows for Women?

    My daughter wanted a new bow for Christmas. I decided to take the wife to shoot some different bow to see which one she thought we should get for the daughter. We shot the mission craze, I believe it was the bear apprentice , and the diamond infinate edge. After shooting them all we ended up getting two infinate edges because the wife wants to start shooting now. She did say that the mission craze was a very close second. I also shot the infinate edge earlier this year and liked it and the adjustability on these bows are amazing. 15-30 inch draw I believe and 5-70 pounds draw weight. So those are my two reccomendations.
  6. child23

    One deer permit area blues....

    Just be glad you guys aren't hunting in zone 101 like I am. It's been 3years since I have seen a deer during rifle season. Pretty much since the TB was discovered our deer population went from amazing to non existent. I am finally seeing some more promise this year with a few bucks showing up but nothing like 8 years ago.
  7. I am in the process of starting a league in the thief river falls area. It is going to be a multi species league with 7 catagories Walleye northern pike bass crappie sunfish catfish and perch. Any suggestions you have for someone starting a league? I don't really have a lot of tournament experience but have been browsing a number of different league websites to get ideas.
  8. My goals as of right now is to get out and see a new area. Would like to have the possibility of seeing a decent buck but that's not mandatory. Right now I am in the heart of the tb zone and deer are few and far between. Basically what I am looking for is reasons why you hunt the areas you do or why you would like to hunt a certain area.
  9. I am looking at doing a couple weekend bow hunting trip next year with my brother and probably a cousin or two. Where would you choose to go if you could hunt anywhere in the state?
  10. child23

    Wolf Delisting

    First i am going to start by saying that i have enjoyed reading this thread to this point. In the past couple years have I have started to see wolves way more than i have any time in the past. This past summer we have had wolves in harrasssing our cattle at night on more than four occasions. I have also had many more sightings in the past couple of years than i have had the rest of my lifetime. Sure i live in wolf territory but i belive the poppulation has grown quite considerably over time. With my father being a logger we put many miles on the sleds in the winter off the beaten path. Sure we are getting more into wolf territory but every year we are seeing way more sign of wolves. They are definately expanding there territory from what it used to be. When i was younger it was rare to see a wolf all year. Now it is becoming common to see 5 to 6 a summer. So that makes me belive that there is definately a increase in the population. Therefore I agree with delisting the wolves from the endangered species list and am definately for managing them.
  11. child23

    Pictures of you snowmobile!

    Here is what i have for now. It is for sale. Asking 5500. Its a 2007 iqr with a 600 H.O. motor in it.
  12. Looks like i'm sitting well as of right now. Sitting in the #1 spot but we'll have to see what happens from now on
  13. child23

    Best Movies Ever?

    My personal favorite is Open Range and not the cartoon one. Its the one with kevin costner
  14. child23

    No noise from fuel pump when key is turned

    We have two 2002 AC fourstrokes and a 2004 turbo and for some reason we have had the problem with the 2002 before. It has only happened to us when it was really cold out for some reason. There is also something with the throttle if the spacers or whatever there called have excessive play the fuel pump does not work. If you just wiggle on it with the key on it usally works.
  15. child23

    It's So Cold.........