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  1. Hand sanitizer works also just dip your key in it and rub some on deadbolt and work it back and forth a few times. Has vinegar and alcohol in it and gel won't freeze.
  2. Check out red rock store to sharpen those kind of blades. Fast & cheap & does them them right. Info on thier HSOforum about the details.
  3. Check out red rock store they sharpen them the right way...the guy has a forum on his HSOforum and talks about how to sharpen them correctly.
  4. You could buy a second one & switch them out when the first box gets full...if fishing with someone they could be switching and dumping so you can keep drilling...Or cut the bottom out of a 5 gallon bucket with a lip & a heavy duty rubbermaid box that will fit inside the slush box and hole to make sides taller...but it will weigh a ton!
  5. I haven't modified it but I usually just keep a 5 gallon bucket next to me & dump it out into the bucket if box is getting to full...the lip of the slush box fits into the bucket so it doesn't spill (most of the time)
  6. Not to sound like a tree hugger...but If the trees are on someone elses property you can't just go cutting someone elses trees down...just saying!
  7. You should be able to to down to the city/county office (county clerk) & look up who the property belongs to as long as you have the address...it is free public information. Realtors, appraisers etc. use it all the time for property info. As far as the tree goes not much you can do unless it is causing damage to your property.
  8. My 2 scents...get a solid door without a window! Ones with windows sweat & freeze up more. A good HSOforum to go to is fish house supply (no spaces)...they are in Buffalo, MN...lots of info on there for your builds & accessories.
  9. Ok that makes more sense...so if a buddy meets me at the access & drove separate & we can only transport our individual limit but if we drove together we can transport both our limits together.
  10. So the DNR relaunched their HSOforum yesterday & I was checking it out...I am a little confused on one of the "General Regulations" under "Methods" reads like this: Methods How many lines can I fish with? -You may use only one line during the open water season. -You may use two lines through the ice except on designated trout lakes and streams. -On designated trout lakes and streams, only one line is allowed at any time. -Border waters and Lake Superior may allow more than one line. What if people are fishing together from a boat or on shore? -A party is two or more people fishing together from a single watercraft or on shore while maintaining unaided visual and vocal contact. -The number of fish your party possesses cannot be more than the combined limits of all party members. -However, you can only transport your individual limit of fish. ...the very last sentence says: "However, you can only transport your individual limit of fish." So if I am reading this correctly if my wife & I go fishing together & each limit out on walleyes (12 total/6 each)...I can only transport & bring home 6 as that is my individual limit?
  11. angle iron will just rust after paint gets rubbed off.
  12. Garage door trim made of pvc from menards...it has 1/4" deep grooves or ribs & is flexible & easy to cut to size. I use if for runners to load my sled on trailer works great! Comes in 10 ft. X 6" sections I believe.
  13. I spray mine down inside & out & leave it in the sun to dry for a few hours...if its not dry by dark I put it in the garage with a fan set up inside with windows & door open on portable. Once dry I remove the seat & place in sled & put travel cover back on & store it in my perm. fish house. In my fish house I use dryer sheets & some stuff called fresh cab that keeps rodents away & make sure to seal up the perm house good!
  14. This is on the list that starts with C...pics on there as well: Custom made Crank Down Fish House Trailer 6'4 X 8' plus 3' v-front $1,100 6'4 X 12' plus 3' v-front $1,300 6'4 X 14' plus 3' v-front $1,550 6'4 X 16' plus 3' v-front $1,600 I can build any size you need. 15 inch tires Aluminum fenders on 6' 4" wide trailers Removable Wheel Assembly Removable Tongue (THEFT RESISTANT) 3,500 or 6,000 lb axles 8' wide trailer add $200, Brakes add $175. Add jack $40.00 1/2 down. Call Rick at 763-257-7172
  15. I bought a 91' arctic cat jag 440 right after christmas & it pulls my clam & a my friends 2 person otter with him on just fine...I only paid $500 for it but wish it had reverse & electric start. IMO...for $1000 & to have those 2 features & it if it runs good & 2up you can't go wrong. A good sled for under $1000 with those features is hard to find.
  16. Try fleet farm...the gas mart where I live has bait...otherwise in the big store they have packaged minnows (emeralds etc.)
  17. Sorry i guess i though he was referring to my post since i stated 10' from another angler...nobody getting worked up lol...just clarifying what I meant.
  18. mtbucket...that is what was meant 10 ft. between our houses not each angler...I think that is common knowledge don't you think??? Sorry if I didn't state that clearly enough for you!
  19. I have never understood why people think they need to fish a crowd. I would rather find my own hump or point to fish than someone elses let alone their holes they have drilled. I know the regs say at least 10ft. away from another angler but that is to close for comfort for me & wish it was 10 yards not feet. Early ice my neighbor & I had a similar incident where a guy tried to park his chevy silverado & sleeper house in between our houses (we have small houses)...there wasn't even a foot of ice yet & it was already slushy all around us. Ice was popping & water was coming up our holes in the house. We both came flying out our houses at the same time & asked the guy what the "heck" are you doing?? (not in that nice of words) He had no business driving out there yet & he should have known better than to try & squeeze between us like that. He moved further down the line but later I measured with a tape measure & he was 12 ft from my neighbors house & 8 ft from mine...some people don't have a clue or courtesy of others!!
  20. Check out fish house supply...click on their red hot specials...$20 a pc or 8 pk for $135. I think?
  21. X2 on the catch covers. You can find some good deals on them especially right now at end of the season. They don't freeze up, can fit the sleeves in them and the slush bucket fits well also. I have had mine for over 10 years no problems.
  22. I recently purchased a older arctic cat jag 440. This is the first sled I have ever owned. I wish I had one with reverse & electric start on it. It is a cold starter & unloading it is a chore. Like most things...you get what you pay for...I only paid $500 for it. My next sled will have a longer/wider track, have reverse, & electric start. The first time I took it out on the lake I dumped it over in some deep snow.
  23. Thanks ZachD...I just went to their HSOforum & was able to print off a coupon for those boots on sale for $54.99. Hopefully they have them in my size & they fit good cuz thats a great price!
  24. Have any of you tried the clam ice armor sub zero boots? I am on the fence between them or some muck arctic sports. FF has the sub zeros on sale for $100 vs $140 for the arctic sports. I like the idea of the easy on/off & pull handles of the sub zeros but they look taller & more bulky than the arctic sports. Is it worth the extra $40 for the mucks or are the sub zeros a good boot? Thanks!
  25. Have any of you tried the clam ice armor sub zero boots? I am on the fence between them or some muck arctic sports. FF has the sub zeros on sale for $100 vs $140 for the arctic sports.
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