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  1. I'm also looking for info on the Lx2. Is it new for this year? or has last years model been upgraded to include- improved color and clearity/interference reduction and a switchable zoom window? (5 to 10 ft) Anyone with some info on this model?
  2. Beaver15 If your auger is the 2HP model, your not alone. Myself and others have reported the lack of power problem and also many are hard starting and cold blooded, there is also a rewind issue. So proceed with caution before putting out the $$$ for this auger!
  3. Timber; Venting is always key! If this is a perminant,or perm sleeper, than a fully vented heater, backed with some venting and a CO detector is the key. Think Safe! JIGLFIN;

    Merry Christmas

    Best wishis and safe fishin, thru the Holidays everyone. While on the Hardwater, remember the "Yuletide". JIGLFIN;
  5. Leech; Sounds like the auger has a lean condition. Try running with the choke in the middle detent during warm up, even into the first hole, until you see excessive smoking, than open the choke fully. If this improves the condition, you may need a carb. adjustment. Good Luck; JIGLFIN
  6. Have read some HORROR stories about heaters that obsorb oxygen and emit CO! So we Installed the Orbis "fully vented" heater in our sleeper unit and included a CO detector for peace of mind. Its a 15000 btu unit, heating an 8x12 house, which is more than enough, at -20. This is another consideration when purchasing. Good Luck; JIGLFIN
  7. Caretaker at a boarding home, in NW MN. "Hard Water Dreams" [This message has been edited by JIGLFIN (edited 07-15-2004).]
  8. Gonna make it an even 10 to the big pond, if the ice holds for another week or so. Made 1 trip south toward pelican rapids, for crops and sunnies. Didn't make it to URL. tho would have liked to. Way the landing reports are sounding, may have to wait 9 months for that. It's been a tough bit, in general, but a good season. Good luck and be careful; JIGLFIN
  9. Of the saltwater types I like Halibut,smoked Salmon, than fresh salmon. Freshwater types I like Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, Walleye, Burbout than Northern. Although Walleye baked in the oven or poached, ranks right up there. Boneless Apatite JIGLFIN;
  10. If I understand the vex. instructions correctly, the battery is fully charged when the charger led light comes on.
  11. bigminnow; If you are able to tru up the mora style blade, you should have no problem with the jiffy. Remove and clamp the blade securely, with the macined surface up. Using a new flat file, clean up that surface only, maintaining the original angle and your there! Good Luck and smooth augering JIGLFIN;

    Skin Problems

    Thank's to everyone, for the great reply's. ChapstickCharlie cover's it very well, when he said:"this is the best site"! Let the lubricating begin! Less cracks and good fishin to everyone. JIGLFIN; [This message has been edited by JIGLFIN (edited 01-04-2004).]
  13. Do any of you fisher person's experience dry, chapped hands, cracked finger tips? Any thoughts on how best to deal with this?
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