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  1. Does any know where to go to change my password from the one that I got from when I frist signed on to the site.would like it to be easer to rember. JD
  2. fishing buddy whats your phone #
  3. how old have pic where are you located ect
  4. looking for a golfcart (gas) reasonable price.In the wilmar or st cloud area. JD [This message has been edited by walleyedr2 (edited 03-21-2004).]
  5. our any of the smith bro. from green lake around spiser area music repair business if so give john a hit on the internet
  6. sounds like some people just dont want to get along with there fellow sportsmen and women most people i meet on the lake stop by to talk and express were the fishing is best when they are biting there is plenty of fish to go around walleye2 just my nickle worth
  7. that is certainly a loss by streching the word theft but try it check with turk
  8. what is strikemaster lazer mag xpress electronic ignition 8 inch blade used twice have become disabled so have no use for it 251 4280
  9. fujifilm a303 is about as good as it gets cheap at best buy walleyedr2
  10. sure like to try it will send pics of results thanks
  11. happy thankgiving from all of us
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