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  1. icatcher

    Soddy icehouses can lead to survival-mode

    Markam Fire, We must have rented from the same person. My sons first fishing experience in a rental, along with my brother and I. We had the same problems you described only or house didn't have a cook stove in it. The attendant said he had told me about that over the phone. He never told me that. He also said he told me to bring a extra heater and battery for the fish house. NOT!!! The house had I chair with a seat that came off, no table or shelf. One bunk had a cushion that went about 3/4 length of the bunk. The other two bunks had a thin piece of foam or carpet padding and had carpet stapled over it. Was like sleeping on a piece of concrete. No ladder to get to the top bunk. Had to boost my son up every time he wanted to get up there. Had to put a sleeping bag in the top bunk corner to keep thew wind out. The heater worked fine until the temp really started dropping. Then we turned it up all the way and it still would not get it warm in there. I wasn't going to take a chance with my son along so we packed up and headed out Sat about 4:30 pm. Couldn't see much with the wind blowing but we made it off the lake and back home where we were warm and safe. I would like to get a refund but what are you going to do? He didn't seem to care much. He just said other people seemed to like the rental house. I don't have time for someone who treats his customers like that and I will be sure to tell all never to go there.
  2. icatcher

    Build a 6 x 8 house on skids

    Thanks Moose-Hunter.
  3. icatcher

    Build a 6 x 8 house on skids

    Moose-Hunter, Looks awesome. I would be interested in some plans if available. Email me [email protected]
  4. icatcher

    Wheel House Plans

    I also would like to see some plans. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
  5. icatcher

    Trailer for 4 Wheeler

    Tarball, I looked up home depot and didn't find anything on a polar trailer that you can haul your atv on and then pull it behind your machine. Where did you see it?
  6. icatcher

    What have you lost down the hole?

    I lost my watch down the hole on Mille Lacs ion 35 feet of water. Watched it on the fl-8 all the way down. I was jigging near the bottom and felt something small on my line and reeld it up to see my watch on the end of my hook. It fell off and again I watched it all the way down to the bottom. A little while later the same thing happened only this time I grabbed it beforew it could come off the hook. Still have the watch. Cheap Timex takes a lickin but keeps on tickin.
  7. icatcher

    Wind direction?

    I have a fold open 4 by 8 with wood floor. I always put one short side into the wind. This will bow the long sides out giving you more room.
  8. icatcher

    Cold starting

    there may be a primer button next to or on top of the carb. Look in your manual or call a dealer to find out if you have one