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  1. Thanks, Scott. That is exactly the informatin that I was looking for. Gregg - I was also suprised to hear that I would need to receive this certification ever though I am over 30 ... until I remembered that this is MN. I guess if it actually results in safer snowmobiling, I shouldn't complain.
  2. I am planning on renting a snowmobile the weekend of Feb. 5th and just realized that I need to get a Snowmobile Safety Certificate before that time since I was born after 1976. It appears that I can receive the certificate by watching a CD from the DNR and taking a test at home. My question is whether or not I will be able to get this all taken care of by Feb. 4th in view of the time required to receive the CD via mail, complete the test, send back the results (I assume), and then receive the certificate from the DNR. Anyone have any experience with this process? How long will it take from start, i.e., requesting the CD on Monday, until I actually have what it takes to rent a sled? I have to put a deposit down on the sled and do not want to do so if the certification process will not be complete before the rental day. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Any suggestions on a place that would be able to service an Arctic Cat ATV in the East, NE Metro or even Western Wisconsin?
  4. Hi All, I am looking for some advice and/or links to old postings in this forum regarding good entry levels digital camera/lens. Some background. My wife has become interested in nature photography, and birds in particular, in the last year or so. Typically, she will take her photos while hiking or in the boat compared to on a tripod. Up to this point, she has been using a digital point and shoot (Canon 880IS 10MP ELPH). It is clear that the quality of the picture is relatively low, especially for long range photos of birds, etc. I have no experience with photography but would like to suprise my wife with a digital camera/telephoto lense that would be appropriate for her needs. I would be willing to spend around $500-$1000 for the combo, however any suggestions would be appreciated regardless of the price range. I imagine that this topic has been discussed more than once on this forum. However, for some reason the search feature is not working on my computer. So, if someoone can post a link to old discussions that would be helpful. Otherwise, any commments on my situation directly would also be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  5. A couple questions. What is the max hp rating on the boat? What is the top speed on the boat with the 50 hp motor?
  6. Firemedic, do not worry about the RV antifeeze. Some people have nothing better to do than complain about others because they do no wrong themselves. A simple investigation surrounding the "bad chemicals" in anitfreeze by looking at the MSDS and by consulting the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR, a govt agency for the Dept of Health and Human Services) show how harmless your practice is. For example, from the ATSDR: "What happens to ethylene glycol and propylene glycol when they enter the environment? - About half of the compounds that enter the air will break down in 24-50 hours. Both compounds break down within several days to a week in water and soil. " I have no problem with your antifreeze use and will not be contacting the DNR/law enforcement with pictures if I see you doing it. I am sure they have better things to do with their time and so do I. But this is just one man's opinion. Others can express their thoughts as the feel necassary.
  7. I just purchased a cabin and it happened to include a 2003 Artic Cat 300 4x4. I have little experience with ATVs and was wondering if anyone can give me a rundown or experience with this ATV or ones like it. It has less than 150 miles on it and includes a plow and a wench. What limits will there be with the 280cc engine which I am pretty sure is the low end for engine sizes. Top speed, weight/hauling capacity, etc. I will probably use if to plow the driveway, get around the lake for ice fishing and hopefully do a little grouse hunting on the machine. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Quote: You just need to check with the county offices to see who is listed on title. Hey, maybe the quit claim was never recorded correctly and "B" isn't officially on title and you can send them packing with the sheriff at your side. This is not true in that the purpose of recording is to put third parties on notice of "B" interest in the property. Between the two parties the quit claim is effective as long as the quit claim was properly executed.
  9. Do you know if the property is held in joint tenancy or tenancy in common? It should be on the quit claim deed.
  10. I am not entirely sure on what the NoDak law is but you may want to contact the ND Sec. of State office to do a search of UCC filings for liens on the boat which would be filed under the owners name.
  11. Quote: I believe the rule is / was you must apply for a US Patent within one year of selling said product. Patent codes have been changing lately. Reference 35 U.S.C section 102( for the on sale or publicly informing use more than 1 year from filing date bar. This section of the code has not changed in a long time.
  12. Quote: I too have an idea for a new product. My question is now that I have taken the steps to create a paper trail that "protects" me, is it safe to begin selling the item. Or is it best to wait until I achieve pat. pending status? I would like to make a little money before what little ice we have melts. Keep in mind that even if you have this so-called paper trail, you need to be careful about any sale. There are provisions in the patent code that make an invention unpatentable one year after the invention has been put on-sale or used in a publicly informing way. Marketing of the product usually will trigger the year period. There a some exception to this rule but it is a good thing to keep in mind. Also, as for sitting and doing nothing on your invention. If someone else comes up with the same idea and tries to patent it, you will not be able to collect money from them. If you can prove that you invented the product before them it is just a bar to them getting a patent. Until you have a patent you have no rights to exclude other from using the technology. And again, if you do not apply for a patent within 1 year of the second inventors first publicly informing use or sale of the product, you will also be barred from being granted a patent. The invention just becomes public knowledge that one cannot exclude anyone from using.
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