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  1. I have a few fishing buddies that have Marcum’s products and they like them a lot. You really can’t go wrong with either a Marcum or a Vexilar. Bring on the Ice!!! TND
  2. Not to mention you will sit up a little higher in the Otter II sleds. The wilderness sleds do have a little more drop in the design. Maybe for people that like their knee's in there face. That's another advantage of the Otter over the Fishtrap, you sit up higher and is a lot more comfortable. Unless they've redesigned the height of the sled/seats. I really like the height of the seating in my Otter Magnum. Good luck! Bring on the ICE!!! TN
  3. TurkeyNateDog

    OVS 560

    That's good news! It's about time! What would you say the lights range of illumination is? Thanks! TN
  4. TurkeyNateDog

    OVS 560

    Where's the formal announcement? Anyone hear anything solid yet?
  5. TV BOY, what kind of Ice house did you get? I've been looking for one that same size with the capability to transport the ATV inside as well. Thanks! Post pics if you have them. [This message has been edited by TurkeyNateDog (edited 09-29-2004).]
  6. A couple 15" Perch from Lake "X"! A few pigs for the table! [This message has been edited by TurkeyNateDog (edited 09-09-2004).]
  7. Anyone have the Electronic Lift Kit for their Glacier plow system? Just curious to how well it works and if you like it or not. Sledhead have you installed one with the Electronic lift Kit? Thanks! TN [This message has been edited by TurkeyNateDog (edited 06-23-2004).]
  8. Wall-Eye, do you have a warn wench or did you purchase the wench that mounts to the Glacier frame? I think they call it the Glacier™ Plow System Electronic Lift Kit. I was thinking about purchasing the Glacier Plow System Electronic Lift Kit but wanted to hear some oppinions on it. Thanks!
  9. Hey just wondering if anyone has this new plowing system from Polaris? I'm thinking of purchasing it for this next winter to plow my Driveway and side walks. I have a Polaris Sportsman 500. Anyone have experience with this Glacer system? Good or Bad comments. Thanks Guys! Nate
  10. I agree the Strike Sensors work great. Rod Bender next time we're out fishing I will let you see them. I've been keeping them a secret from you.
  11. Wish I would have gotten that good of service with them! I wasn't real impressed with the turnaround with my questions/problems. CNY Tim you must know someone to get that great service. Still like the Marcum though!
  12. Just wondering what the ice conditions are on West Lake and the surrounding lakes. Thinking of heading up there this weekend with the ATV. Anyone been out there lately? How thick is the ice in Emerson, Smith, Miller’s bays? Thanks guys!
  13. It's not worth your time! It's public, but everyone I've talked to say's it's dead in the winter. Stick with your regular ice guide Nate, he won't steer you wrong. Maybe I'll let you catch more fish than me next time. By the way, you wern't one of those crazy guys on Big Creek on Saturday were you? lol
  14. Take a look at the Aluma trailers. Do a search on them and you should find their HSOforum. I've had mine for 2 years now and love it. I pull at Polaris sportsman 500 with my Otter magnum that sits behind the ATV. It has a rear gate that folds up an down in about 5 seconds. The best thing about an aluminum trailer is it's light and will never rust out. Over the years if it's left outside it will start to build a little corrosion on it, but if you take it to any trucker stop that washes big rigs you can get an acid bath done on it which removes all corrosion and makes your trailer look brand new again. Just my .02
  15. I agree with iffWalleyes! I have a Otter Magnum and put the hy-fax on it last year and it pulled like a dream. With the Hy-fax runners it sits up a little higher which helps it go over snow better. If you look at a stock otter sled pulled thru. a couple inches of snow compared to one with the hy-fax runners you will see the surface area of the stock sled touches the entire sled width which creates more drag. With the hy-fax you only see the 5 or 6 runners that touch the snow thus is less drag on the sled. Even in deeper snow it helps it ride up higher and cuts through the snow. Granted a foot of new snow is going to be hard pulling no matter what sled you have. That’s what the ATV is for. My personal opinion is, get the hy-fax runners, protect your investment, and make it easier on your self if you pull your shack by hand. Again my .02!
  16. It is a very nice store. Not quite a Cabelas but good for central Iowa!
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