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  1. Buckslayer08

    Noodling for Catfish?

    I don't think I'd want to try it up here even if it was legal. I've seen way to many snappers in the lakes and rivers to dare put my hand in some hole under water up here. I just thought it was interesting how they went about it on the show we seen.
  2. Buckslayer08

    Handheld GPS

    I had the Garmin 60CSX (2 actually) and had nothing but problems with them. This last spring I switched over to the Delorme PN40 and love it! With the PN40 you can see your areas with aerial and topo maps, but you can also add the Navionics chip for fishing.
  3. Buckslayer08

    Noodling for Catfish?

    Ok, so I just seen a show on TV that made me remember that I was going to try noodling for catfish when I was stationed down in Kentucky, but we got deployed before ever getting the chance to go. Has anyone here ever went noodling for catfish?
  4. Buckslayer08

    calling sequence

    I've always thought about it as if I am the rabbit. How long will I be able to scream in agony before I run out of breath? Typically I will call a few minutes and sit quiet for a few minutes. Everyone does it a bit different but thats just what works for me.
  5. Buckslayer08

    Coyote on my lake

    I've never tried this or anything yet, but maybe you could up your chances of getting that coyote to come back to that spot if you tried one of those bait scents that trappers use? With the openess of the lake, that scent should carry for a long ways, and once he shows up, in theory he should stop to check it out for at least long enough for your shot. I used to setup and call across a river backwater area once it was frozen as I could see and shoot darned near forever without any worries of hitting anything else as the backdrop was a dense forest. It was always a good spot, so maybe I'll have to hit it up this week.
  6. Buckslayer08

    Broke in the new AR this morning!

    Nice looking AR! I just picked up a new one myself the other day but mine is more of a tactical M4 style AR but I'll be using it for yotes this year once I get some of the white wrap to put on it.
  7. Buckslayer08

    Mouth call recommendations for coyotes

    I use Tweety alot and have a lot of luck with it, but the absalute best calls I've got are from a guy that custom makes them and sent me 4 calls as a gift when he found out that I was deployed. I will have to look at the calls to get the name of the guy, but they are by far the best I've used so far. I've also used the "easy to use" type of calls like the EZ-Howler and let me tell you; There is NOTHING easy to use about them!!!
  8. Buckslayer08


    I forget the brand off hand, but me and my wife both have a 9'6" kayak that only costed about $300 from Joes Sporting goods and I've never had any issues fishing from mine.
  9. Buckslayer08


    Thats a nice looking range. I wish I lived on enough land to build my own!
  10. Buckslayer08

    morning, afternoon or evening?

    In Minnesota I have almost always been able to only get them in the morning, but in Kentucky I've called them in all day from dark to dark.
  11. Buckslayer08

    Mitch and Dad score a double

    I've been out a lot this winter chasing yotes, but didn't do all that well this last winter.
  12. Buckslayer08

    lets see your dogs

    Here is two pics of Buster. He's 14 months old now so we need some updated pics to add. I think he's trying to play beaver in the bottom pic? lol
  13. Buckslayer08

    Snagged a big metro yote!!

    NICE!!! Congrats on an awesome yote!
  14. Check with the guy that posted http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2145375#Post2145375 its looking like his Dad lost a bag he thinks by lindstrom, but maybe he lost it on the way home from there.
  15. I'd be watching HSO-Classifieds also! I know people who had stuff stolen only to see it posted within a few hours.