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  1. Yes, Menards. I was once edited after posting a company name.
  2. Anybody buy the 2000 watt generator at the Big M store? Its a small black unit similar to the Honda. I can't find any db noise ratings on it. "M" has it on sale thru today for $449 ??? thoughts?
  3. Got it running, it was the plug in on the kill switch. Corroded pins.
  4. 2013 Polaris sportsman 500 Was riding my 500 yesterday, shut it off and started many times, no problems. Then without warning, turn key-nothing... No lights, no starter, no intrument cluster. Tried to jump, checked connections at battery. Fuses in front, good. Is there a circuit breaker or another fuse to check ?
  5. Exactly, I knew heavy loads cycled fine, but wasn't going to shoot those for sporting clays.
  6. I went to see Stu, located at Del Tone in St. Cloud. He said the spring in the stock was too strong. I bought a new one and installed myself. Shot a round of trap with 1 oz and it cycled every time. Now that I think back on it, I had Laib's work on the gun about 6 years ago when it wouldn't lock up in cold weather. He installed a stronger spring that doesn't like trap loads. Problem solved, I hope!
  7. For cleaning I always break down, wipe everything and 1 drop Benelli oil that is recommended for the gun, on each side.
  8. I have shot this gun a lot. But the first pic shows with no shell in mag, the bolt didn't go back far enough even w/o trying to put in a new shell in.
  9. I did take the spring out of the stock and clean. No rust, just some gunk.
  10. I have used a couple diff brands. And tried 1 oz and 1 1/8 oz.
  11. I have a Benelli SBE, a few years old. When shooting 1 1/8 loads it lots of times doesn't put the next shell in chamber. See pics. What should I start with? The second pic shows where the position of the bolt after shot and where the next shell is. The first pic shows where the bolt ends up when there isn't a shell in the mag. I've cleaned many times and took the spring out of the stock and cleaned there too.
  12. Sent in for resoldering, reinstalled. Hopefully this will fix it.
  13. Well it did it again, after work it didn't light up. See pictures. As you can see, the PND123O is always lit up. Seems it does it more when cold.
  14. A good whack didn't do anything either. Although this morning it was working again. See how long it works this time.
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