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  1. Have any of you muzzle loader guys/gals had a chance to play with Federals New Trophy Copper Bullet?
  2. HI W.S. what days are you most likely to be there, typically I work till 330, I can have my range gear and several speed loaders ready so I wont have to take much of your time,probably take longer to swab the bore the the businees portion , I think I've shot trap there before but it would have been several years ago. I see I have a flashing letter
  3. First of all thanks folks for your response, Whopper Stopper that would be way cool, I hope I dont need to do a bunch of shooting, just need to get my new Buck Stalker dialed in for next wknd, I plan on letting my old uncle Tom sit in a box stand with a heater and the muzzy, while my other buddy and I try and take something with our bow's while hangin in the trees he would probably be with me while sighting in if it would be ok, you know those old Marines they wanna make sure they can get the next shot off if they have to. Please feel free to call me 763 442-6251, you going to be around this friday?? Tom
  4. Hi everybody, just got a new muzzle loader but now cant find any place to sight it in any body know of a place? I live in Blaine so I was hoping the north side but am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance, Tom.
  5. Thanks guys, for the life of me I know I didnt over fill it when I replaced it last, I checked the level before I fired it up today and thought what the He$#@#$, how did I put so much oil in there ,,, I'll start at 4.25 qts and see where I end up after I run it for awhile You guys are the best, thanks again, Tom
  6. Does anybody know how much oil a guy needs doing a oil change on a F-115 2003,? I've done it before but for the life of me I cant remember how much Thanks in advance with any help. Tom
  7. Hi there folks, I'd like some direction on my bilge pump, tried checking previous posts with no luck. I have 2 questions,,, 1) where is the fuse located? 2)how do I get the pump out if its not the fuse? I can see it, just don't know how to approach it other than check fuse first. Thanks in advance with any info you can share. Tommy T.
  8. I have a strike master and my buddy has the eskimo and he has never had any prob's except when he put crummy chain saw gas in, it got all gooked up, I got him into the amsoil and no prob's since, just treat it right and it will cut holes forever. Tom
  9. Hey crappie getter, did you git your rig serviced yet? Tom
  10. Thats where I was going after seeing if the service didn't work, alot of t-case motors have been replaced unnecessarily. Even had a dealer tell me that mine needed replacing, but it was a simple fix.
  11. I don't know what the conditions are as you shift(any positive/negative driveline torque), if your performing the shift as per your owners manual states and your still getting a clunk but the shift is happening fairly quickly it maybe normal, since the t-case is a critical piece of your driveline I would have it serviced with the proper fluid and start from there then try the shift procedure without any torque on the driveline (no acceleration/deaceleration). Did you try the section in the manual shifting from t-case nuetral to any selection? Clunking is normal during that time. As for hard shifting I suspect the electronic motor(moves stuff around in t-case) maybe binding due to lack of service, another reason to start with that(drain and refill with dex 3 atf or equivelant) just go to a oil change place and they will have you in and out in no time. let me know how that goes . Tom
  12. When was the last time the T-case was serviced? and did they use the proper fluid? Don't assume it's atf fluid, GM has a secret sauce they put in there You should verify 1st. Do you have the owners manual? in it it tells you how to put the transfer case in neutral(for towing purposes)from there you can select any position you want. If you can't perform this function I would suspect the selector switch on the dash, they are known to go bad and are easy to replace, just pry it out with a tiny screw driver and there are 2 plugs on the back, you can get them at the N--a store or the dealer(expensive) I have a 99 Blazer and just fixed my 4WD issue and lucky for me it was just that switch and a dissconnected vacuam line. Let us know how it works out for you. Tom
  13. Thanks rundrave, I didn't know that was the first year of the 500, I decided to try the Amsoil 0-40, besides helping out with the cams as you mentioned but it may turn over easier in november. Tom
  14. I was wondering if I could use a 0-wt-20 or 30 synthetic in it or would a 5wt be better, it's in really good shape and runs well. We only use it to check/repair stands and haul out a deer every now and then, other than that not really and sport riding at all. I would like to know if there is any place on the internet I could check for how to change gear lube and what type lube, spark plug type, that kind of stuff. Thanks in advance for any help Tom.
  15. I don't know how big your last boat was but when I bought my 18ft super hawk I was in the market for a 17ft, every time I'm in it I'm glad I went alittle bigger, thats all I can say
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