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  1. 2 adults and 2 kids(12 and 5) is there one big enough for 4? just for a fun day floating or should we plan on figuring out a way to get 2 canoes? thanks ,looking for cheap family fun stuff to do
  2. Got a email from someone saying they wont even get 10 holes drilled with a new electric on a full charge , is this normal? im supposed to get my auger tomorrow and could use some more info from guys who have used them ,thanks a bunch
  3. Thanks guys decided on a 6 inch ,should pick it up tuesday then look out fishes
  4. I decided on electric lazer ,just not on 5 inch or 6 inch ,is there much benefit from the 2 ,i mostly just pan fish through the ice ,and do bounce around so i drill a few holes so whats your opinions on size? thanks for any help
  5. anyone tried fishing since the storm? im needing an ice fix saturday and could use some reports ,thanks
  6. On how many holes they will drill? im leaning towards a 6 inch instead of the 5 inch , anyone use either of these and can give me some pro and cons? thanks
  7. Went today ...slow slow slow ...9-1 and got 3 gills around taylors island
  8. I am a Viking fan for 30 years but if you guys slamming Favre cant admit the guy is what football is all about you arent football fans ....
  9. anyone got it I saw it posted somewhere but cant find it ,thanks slabs
  10. Coming friday if the warm weather dont mess ice up to much so any ice reports are appreciated ,thanks ,Slabs
  11. You guys think some of the tent makers will start adding the runners to the new products in the future? It would run the prices up but do you think it would be worth it ? I just put some on my old frabil and it wasnt too hard but with all the runner hype i would expect someone to step up and start adding them on new tents..any opinions?
  12. Went to Morse lake this morning got a bunch of small perch,very shallow lake ,then went to little wall lake ,lots of small crappies (4 inches of ice) Berkley I think we saw you but you were on the point and we were leaving ,we will give it another try some weekend ,there has to be nice perch in there ,it was great to get back on the ice anyway ,next weekend vikings game so good luck to those fishing ,Slabs
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