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  1. I just used this kit for the first time yesterday and found it to be very easy. As for blowing you and your house/garage up, anything can happen when you do things wrong. You are working with gas you don't do that in a garage or any enclosed space. Would you wash a car in you livingroom and expect the hardwood to stay dry and new?
  2. Hagaandaz

    Helix 5

    Thank you for the replies!
  3. Hagaandaz

    Helix 5

    Does anyone have or had a helix 5 and not like it? Why? Did you have a flasher before? I've searched through a lot of the old posts and I got a little but hoping for more. With the ice shows coming I don't want to show up and buy something without looking closer at how it works in the real world. I have a Marcum flasher (mx1) but kinda looking for more options.
  4. I just picked up the 8" k-drill which I will be using my m18 with 5amp batteries. Can't wait to try it out!
  5. I picked up the Clam Legend 20th anniversary flip over at the show for 420 out the door so I'm glad I went! Thanks for the post or I would have missed the show.
  6. Most 2 stroke oil has stabilizer it it as well.
  7. Nice! But how heavy is it! I go out alone a lot so that would be tough to get out of truck for me but if I could that would be awesome.
  8. I just responded to it so it should be near the top now.
  9. 12 inches on Rush, however, there was a lot of air bubbles in the ice.
  10. 7.5" on Peltier straight out from Waterworks, slow bite
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