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  1. th64

    Jig Spin

    So the jig falls and puts a twist into the line (not a coil) if you leave the jig sit it will spin out that twist. That spin will happen no matter what. Like to hear about a brand of swivel that would eliminate this, have not found it yet.
  2. Great catch how deep?etc....
  3. th64

    Jig Spin

    If you watch anything like a leaf fall it spirals, when a jig falls it also spirals and twists the line, In line reels reduce coiling but I'm not sure what if anything that has to do with spin. Inline reel, power pro line, same thing, they should reduce coiling only. The swivel should eliminate spin but does not. Keepj igging also spoons seem to spin less-If someone has the answer let us know
  4. Love my nils-but gas for me. Gas has 10x the power per weight as the best battery available. If you drill a lot of holes, you want gas. Anyway they do make great blades.
  5. When all else fails with crappies send down a minnow on a hook ,no weight-Anyway great plan 'B" with beautiful gills, nice job!
  6. How to you do it Hoyt? They always say 'no'' to me-Should I shave and wear a tie? BTW way too many lawsuits in this country, IMO.
  7. th64

    Propane auger

    Love my Nils too-Do not get the power point one though-also get the shorter shaft. Liquid gas baby-10x the energy per lb. as the best battery in the world. That battery has to be kept warm. Carbs will go bad if you are not careful with gas but thats just at the start and end of the season. Lots of great options out there-get something light(says the old guy) Good Luck
  8. Check with the DNR about access-platte maps-maybe a snowmobile trail. You could ask a land owner but this has never worked for me-If the access is difficult and/or hidden the fishing could be great. Technically the water is public but if all the land is private you have a defacto private lake-sometimes you will hear it is private and it is not-sometimes landowners will post PUBLIC land to keep you off- Good Luck
  9. How you work it is- the deal-other stuff like line, knot, bobber, bait-action matching mood-all assuming you are on them is the first place. Small buckshot usually works for me. The 'Godfather' himself told me personally that jig type does not make much of a difference. At the time he did not have a contract with a manufacterer and probably was still under a "no compete"-Now he says certain jigs do make a difference-so was he biased then or now? Great to talk with him though-he was very nice.
  10. Nice display-Cool that you have them facing in different directions: one piece of original packaging is also a nice touch.
  11. th64


    Just planted mine-do I mulch at some point?
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