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  1. gophish...all of the flashers dont need a hole drilled to check the depth of the water....all you need to do is pour a little water on some clear ice and put the transducer on top of the water that you poured on the ice and itll say the depth....i have a FL-18 pro pack and i also have one of those handheld depth finders......... the handheld has been sitting at my house all winter so far...i rarey use it...save your money and buy a vexilar... ------------------ www.bearpawguides.com
  2. for walleyes anywere and any depths i only use firline micro ice 6lb test it has the diameter of like 2lb test.....so when you set the hook in thirty feet of water you dont have to worry about your line strethching.....it all i ever use for every fish.....especially on red lake for those slab crappies its so much more sensative than monofilament....you dont miss those light bites... good fishing ------------------ www.bearpawguides.com
  3. red lake is starting to pick up folks...!!!!!! lately our guides have had quite good success....considering that usually early season crappie fishing is slow....but not for us......averaging from anywhere to 10-15 crappies a trip(which we release most of them) and all being about 13-14 inches with a occasional 15 incher. which is fun as heck. and the walleyes.... wow they keep you busy!!!!!C/R... of course good fishing..... ------------------ www.bearpawguides.com
  4. ive been fishing with a fl-8 for quite a few years now and i really loved it. But recently i bought the new fl-18..... and wow its wonderful its got the split screen feature. Im a guide on red lake and for these shallow lake crappie's ...it works great....i wouldnt go with anything else!!! ------------------ www.bearpawguides.com
  5. Do the Torne Bros have a HSOforum or a catalog?
  6. Red is safe out to about a mile. Keep your fingers crossed that this snow doesnt ruin it.
  7. About 6 in Waskish. Hey Greg! Its EJ from Gander Mountain. Not much of a bite on Sunday. Couple flags, had one on but broke off. We'll keep you posted.
  8. Has anyone seen the new Lowrance digital flasher? I dont know the model name but it seems like a great concept. Ill stick with the FL-18 for now.
  9. Theres a good 5-6 inches on Red about a mile out. Shouldnt be long before 'Crappie City' takes shape.
  10. The St. Croix rods have got to be the nicest ice rods Ive ever handled. Where can we get more info on those Thorne Bros rods?
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