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  1. Quote: Yes it is but if you want it you better hurry as it will be sold on hsolist by tomorrow evening. I don't care if I sell it here or there, it's gotta go. what is the hsolist listing #???
  2. NEO

    Jammed auto shotgun

    So I was out shooting clays this weekend and got a live shell jammed in my 12 gauge. It's a S&W model 1000 auto. The shell is jammed in the receiver, I cannot for the life of me get it to eject, or kick into the chamber. Ive taken the gun apart as far as i could,(took the barrel off) frankly I don't know what to do next. Any thoughts or ideas, Ihate to take it to a gun shop if it's something simple. Help...
  3. as u get close to downtown , stay to the left on 35E, take the 10th St/Wacouta exit. Continue straight on wacouta 6-7 blocks and u will hit kellogg. Take a right on kellogg and the excel arena/convention center is at the other end of downtown. Park in the big ramp on the south side of kellogg, pay your $10 and take the skyway across to the show. Have fun, I was there yesterday.
  4. Quote: If this helps at all, the one thing I can say with total certainty is that I would never trade my Lazer Mag for a Mag chipper + $100 cash. AGREED, get the Lazer, you will not be disappointed. I've had mine for 8 years, bulletproof & fast.
  5. NEO

    fun game

    my best score so far.... 40
  6. NEO

    fun game

    a lttle off topic, but none the less,,,,,fun http://static.tbs.com/minigolf/minigolf.swf
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