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  1. I don't own one, but used one last winter. It didn't cut an 8" hole nearly as fast as my 10" gas Lazer, but it did cut about as fast as my friends 8" gas w/chipper. ANother thing to think about is if you plan on leaving your house sit in one spot for a while. The Lazer bits don't redrill holes worth a [PoorWordUsage].
  2. I put a Humminbird 596c HD DI in the boat this year and love it. It doesn't have GPS on it, but I took the $$ saved from the 596ci model and purchased a Garmin nuvi on sale and downloaded the Lakemaster maps to that instead. All said, I have a nice sonar/down imaging unit in the boat, and a GPS with Lakemaster that I can use year round for right around your $800 limit.
  3. I use mine on walleye and northerns pretty much all the time, bass only on big fish or when multiple treble hooks are involved. I feel there is less stress on the fish if I net it than if I hoist it into the boat. Small bass I usually just lip into the boat. I typically CPR, so it's about quick safe releases for me.
  4. Great book, I finally broke down and purchased the Pro Edition this spring. But I was disappointed to find they didn't have the charts for the Lindy Shadlings. The book claims you can go to their HSOforum for charts that aren't in the book(for a fee), but I have tried multiple times and cannot find any additional charts anywhere.
  5. Depending on the lake, I use either 6lb or 12lb flouro
  6. My son and I tried unsuccessfully to catch some big carp this weekend. They were swimming in groups, in 3-4 FOW, close to the surface. We were using corn as bait, and they showed no interest whatsoever. I tossed a few handfuls of corn out, and they didn't have interest in that either.
  7. 30" poles don't cast very well regardless of line type. 10/2 Power Pro. Thin diameter, plus some line strength for the snags in brush or the occassional northern or bass.
  8. Is your trolling motor 12V or 24V? You said that you have two batteries hooked up, but never specified the trolling motor voltage. I have an older 12V MinnKota Powerdrive on my boat, and run two 27 series batteries in a series. I fished 3 days Memorial Day weekend and never once charged the batteries. In fact, I still had over half charge left. I rarely run it higher than about 60% throttle either. Just make sure that you buy the same size and type batteries when you do replace them. The circuit is only as strong as the weakest battery.
  9. Cranking up a boat is hard physical work? My 5 yr old is able to crank my 16ft aluminum fish/ski up on the roller trailer(Shorelander). How it could hurt your back is totally another topic. Personally, I use my shoulders and arms. Being lazy is no excuse for ruining a landing.
  10. My_Key

    Boat Plug

    I've done it twice. Once last year, and then again this year opening weekend.
  11. I do something similar to Jim. I bungee cord 4ft cardboard tubes(with slots cut in for the reels) up tight to the ceiling.
  12. Those 'R' split rings are basically quick snaps. Northland has them on the live forage spoons as well as other lures. I have caught plenty of nice sized fish ice fishing and open water, never had the quick snap fail. I use similar quick snaps on some of my open water rigs, as they aren't as bulky as other snaps.
  13. I've been fishing with the Metallic Eye-Ball jigs for years and love them. Silver is my favorite, with gold being next. I also use orange and green just as a change of pace.
  14. Never stopped me from hooking one(dead) to a jig or on a spinner. If it's going under a float, then I require them to be alive.
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