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  1. Bought a new Lazer Mag 2.5HP this past December. Had it up laker fishing for it's maiden voyage 2 weeks ago. Drilled about 10 holes fine -- second spot motor started, we heard a "ping", it died and engine was seized. Had to make a 15 mile run to get the Nils. A rod snapped causing a piston to fail...it's a 2010 model and SM is replacing it.
  2. I suppose it's considered manual with the on/off switch. But there are no plugs on the breaker -- it's hard wired. I have 4 wires coming into the rear hatch -- red, orange, white and black. The red and orange are hardwired to their own breakers.
  3. Minnkota Maxxum 74 lb off the bow. Last weekend the motor worked fine for the first few hours, then worked intermittenly the rest of the day. It would turn on briefly after sitting, then shut off again. Running a 01 Ranger with 3 circuit breakers in rear hatch w-On/Off switches, one breaker going to the TM ...bad breaker? Suggestions to try?
  4. I'll be on the lake this weekend. Any recent reports? Going after multispecies. Should I stay on Grindstone or head into LCO? Is the channel navigable?
  5. Eastwind - shoot me an email at mnbronzebacks at yahoo.com, will ya?
  6. I guesss I assumed they've been traveling by sled. Paul's been out a couple times in the last few days on what I assume to be sleds. Guys staying with him have been heading back into Rowan. Once again, I assume by way of Crow and on sleds. Sounds like the bite has been off and on. Forecast for I-Falls is calling for a low of 13 tomorrow night so lets make some ice and then get a little snow.
  7. I just spoke with Paul. Sounds like Crow doesn't have much ice or snow. The lake has ice ranging from 3-4 inches in some areas to 6-8 in others. Sounds like the snow cover is spotty. There is some slush but doesn't sound like much a problem. As usual, LOW has plenty of ice -- not sure about the snow/slush situation there. We'll be at Paul's this weekend too.
  8. Muskie Bay in early January. Am fairly familiar with the east end of Kakagi. And the Canadian Topo software in the Garmin is very detailed, my email is bronzebacks at gmail.com
  9. Bummer - I had my hopes up after that first post! Like to try Pipestone one of these years on the ice. Probably have to make a separate trip.
  10. Is it possible to get there on a sled? I know as the crow flies, the west end of Shistose/Pipestone is only a couple miles from the east end of Crow. Wondering if anyone's ever tried it or any advice.
  11. Looking for ideas on the best way to outfit my Eskimo for keeping all my gear in place when towing it. I figure an auger rack, cut-outs for minnow bucket, lantern, heater and anything else you guys have thought of. I have the quick flip III, so lots of space. As bad as I'm jonsin' for that first trip to LOTW, I'm hoping for some responses! Secondly, for any Eskimo owners out there, one complaint I have is with the travel cover. It's too loose on the front of the sled. So when I'm pulling it at speed through powder, I get to my destination and I have a 1/4 sled full of snow. Any suggested workarounds? Low of 17 for Baudette on Monday....
  12. The Revolutions have the straps to fit snug as a backpack while walking out on early/late ice or riding a sled. It's also nice having a shell around your rods for the added protection and to keep the rods seperated from each other. -Eric
  13. Jim, good meeting you. Too bad the fish didn't cooperate as it was the most comfortable weather condtions a guy could ever ask for. The fishing did not pick up after you left. We iced 1 or 2 more, but that's it. The slowest I've ever seen the Bay that time of year. On the positive side we found some decent sunnie action on the way home and I get a fresh whitefish & sunnie dinner tonight! I'm going to try like heck to get back up there before the ice melts. -Eric
  14. Now I seriously have the Chequamey jones. Matt, why didn't I see Pete setting the hook? And did you get a photo of that Brown?
  15. I'll admit, jerkin's rack is functional and it has taken a beating. I just can't believe nobody manufacturers an after-market rack. The only one I've seen is for a Bearcat and the reason that works is the tunnel extends past the original rack, allowing for significantly more weight-bearing. I saw a couple outfitted with these at the Ice Show. I have an '02 Panther and the original rack says not to exceed 35 lbs or you'll damage the tunnel. My question is if I find an aluminum fabricator, one that is capable of welding a design, how do I redistribute the extra weight? Will I need to drill more holes, further up the tunnel? Does anyone have examples of designs of aluminum racks that have worked for them? My biggest worry is redistributing the weight. I don't neeed to carry my fish house - just an auger and some extra gear. And I really don't want to drill holes in my hood. FYI - The Bearcat rack is pictured here: http://www.planetarcticcat.com/pac3/images/items/3639-852.jpg
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