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  1. I have a couple of buddies that save egg shels and then drop them down the hole in the fish house. Does anyone else do this and does it attract fish? Thanks!
  2. dfap2

    LOW slush?

    No slush at all out of Baudette. I was up there last weekend and drove 25 miles out from Adrians almost to Knight Island. Not a lick of slush but there is a lot of snow. The cold temps have the Lake in good shape.
  3. I have the Marcum 825sd. Awesome to say the least...it costs a lot but I couldnt be happier.
  4. Thanks for tip! I'll hit it a bit shallower than I had planned then. Good luck to you guys and I'll let you know how I do. Thanks again!
  5. Well guys, I have a plan. I've decided to grab my buddy, take Friday and Monday off work, and head to LOW instead of pout fest. I will get my button to add to my collection but since lent is here....I really want some fish in the freezer. Planning on heading out of Adrians road and cross Pine Island. Gonna check the Lake Master chip for some structure and go from there. Gonna hit the road at 5 a.m. so I can wet a line around 1:00 and catch the evening bite. Wish me luck and good luck to all you Pouters!!!!
  6. Last weekend to catch walleye without going further north. And....its fun to see some of the stuff going on during the day.
  7. Anyone going to the Eelpout festival that is actually going after walleye and Pout? I think I'm heading up but I do avoid the riff raff (Been there done that and had a lot of fun) but I am sober now and looking to focus on fishing. I know a great spot in the bay if anyone is interested let me know. I have fished the Walker Bay since the early 80's and almost always catch fish.
  8. What do you use to record your videos? Do you plug a camcorder into the monitor and hit record? Thanks for the help.
  9. Use your GPS with the lake map chip...works awesome!
  10. Tried the candles but made a mess and the holes still froze. I am considering running pvc pipe down the edge of the ceiling on each side with a 90 degree angle at the end pointing down to the holes. Then, have a tiny fan blow the warm air into the pvc from the front of the shack to the back down the 90's pointing to the holes from the ceiling. Any thoughts and has anyone ever seen this?
  11. eyebjim....that was my main concern. I have heard that the holes get way too big and actually put you at a risk. Are they noisy and can you run them for an hour at a time with good results?
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