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  1. Fished the big o today dad me and Timmy......dad got 23 perch and I got 22 and a lot of little once... But some big hogs 2....
  2. did good on the big o to day got 5 nice eyes one was 27 in male and got 15 nice perch between 10 in to 13.5 ..........ice was 4.5 to 5.5 in all black ice lost 1 in to 2 in of ice... do to rain ...
  3. Dads hitting the ice tomorrow in the am i myself won't be able to hit the ice until the weekend but i will let everyone knows what dad catches on the big O. Hopefully Timmy you won't have to work the weekend!! Bout 1.5 inches of water on the ice today temp suppose to drop in the 20s tonight it should freeze up pretty nice for good walking. Hopefully enough ice to bring out the sleds this weekend.
  4. tim will see you in the AM maybe we will have a good day
  5. not looking good for the big O all brokeing up for the most part the weather is nuts
  6. going up to the lake of the isles in the AM will let you guys no how i do [not good weather but what u going to do]
  7. going south in the AM .......me and tim are going to hit spots in madison county...first stop is the small side of Lake Moraine..
  8. tim me and dad r going to hit youngs saturday talked to joe 1 guy on youngs and 4 guys on the north end of canadarago....Walk out on delta at the beach 2 1/2 not good yet back set got 4 1/2 the lake is way down. CNY Fred fred smith
  9. I can't wait for this weeks ice fishing show in syracuse.I hope the show has a good turn out like last year...
  10. i would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Tyler good luck on your Christmas baby and mine will be coming soon and maybe it will be the New Year baby.
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