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  1. I would rather be taking the European's Zander than have them take our walleye. If they are switching the Walleye with the Zander that means more walleye are staying in our lakes
  2. I think a fish with a girth of 24 inches could possibly fit through an 8 inch hole and a ten inch hole could fit a fish with a 31 inch girth, considering the hole size doesn't shrink. In my expierence mostly fishing in permenant ice houses a ten inch hole would be better because you wouldn't have to keep redrilling the hole. Although i have only heard a few cases where the hole got too small to bring the fish through.
  3. I have caught a limit of walleyes maybe 15 times in my life and I fish alot(I'm not that skilled). I don't see people taking a limit with them, so it is not that big of deal if they did change it. The biggest impact i have seen on keeping fish in the lake instead in the freezer would be slot limits. I am surprised how many fish I catch that are in the 18-24inch range.I don't think that anyone needs to take home more than four walleyes with them. Plus if they lowered it, maybe our goal of consistantly catching limits would actually be achievable.
  4. thanks for the replies Does anyone know what the water level is like on lake of the woods? Two years ago it was as high as it has ever been in early july, last year it was about as low as it has ever been.
  5. I have an 1800 fisherman '03 with 115 fourstroke Yamaha. It is a little sluggish, can go about 40 mph with much weight. Unless your are really looking for speed 150 shoud be plenty.
  6. I have a 2003 Lund Fisherman 1800 with a 115 fourstroke Yamaha. It's enough to fish four comfortably and can handle the rough water at LOTW. The boat is the perfect walleye boat for just over $20,000 with all the extras.
  7. davemeyer

    Drift Sooks

    Fishing big water with a lot of wind it is a great way to maintain boat control, if you can set it up correctly. My dad incorrectly tied the drift sock up to the boat, not only was it not slowing us up much, then it came loose. We didn't notice it, until i snagged it with about 50 yards of line out. Luckily i got it up and into the boat, without my line snapping. My suggestion is to have everything set up before you get out in the big waves.
  8. My dad has scheduled a trip over Memorial weekend to LOTW, near Angle Inlet. I live in Omaha, Ne and it is about a 12-14 hour drive with a boat. I heard it will still be cold that far north. Is the fishing going to be good enough to make this short trip worth it?
  9. What is the strangest/ most interesting thing that you have seen on your under water veiwing camera? I have seen a few strange fish, a huge sucker, a school of cisco, and couple other fish i had no idea were down there. The best thing that i have seen on my aqua vu would have to be a huge walleye mouthing my bait or watching a little three pound northern nail my buddy's line. They coil up and hit it going a million miles an hour, really cool thing to see. And one time I was watching a walleye hit my shinner and I decided to give it some line, watching on the camera, i dropped my line weight right on the head of the walleye, it spooked him and i missed the fish.
  10. I've only been around a few northerns stretching past the 3 foot mark, and looking at the picture of the 24 pounder its tail looks kind of like a muskie? Is that what they all look like?
  11. don't listen to people that tell you to use newspaper instead of a wet towel and make sure you pick out a good taxidermist. Does anyone know what the average time it takes to get your fish mounted and returned to you? My fish is going to take a year, but the work he does is well worth the wait.
  12. I caught my personal best 25" walleye on new years eve and then backed it up with a 31" walleye the next day.
  13. From what i have read, it is almost all about the latitude of the lake and the further north you go the slower they grow and the longer they live. I read the DNR report for my favorite lake in central minnesota and they said that they netted a walleye twenty years old only 28". I have caught a 31" and i have seen a picute of a 34" out of the same lake and I am sure that they are 20+ years old.
  14. I wish i could get half the fishing shows that you all get in Minnesota. I dont get dump for quality fishing shows in Nebraska. The only show that i will even watch is infisherman. Bill Dance, fly fishing, saltwater fishing, and all the other made up largemouth bass fishing shows just [PoorWordUsage] me off.
  15. What is the best fish that you caught on ice this winter?
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