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  1. You can angle in a spear house, however, you cannot have any spear gear in the house while you fish. Your either spearing or fishing.
  2. korn fish, I like your home page....I like the music too makes me wanna dance! ------------------ " chaos , panic and disorder ... my work here is done. " Upper Red Lake Area Association Member
  3. Cliffy , my hat is off to you! Well said. ------------------ " chaos , panic and disorder ... my work here is done. " Upper Red Lake Area Association Member
  4. Well..Actually you do not have that right! I have issued a few speeding tickets and have never brought anyone back to my squad to show them that Im telling them the truth! Be on the wary side of so called experts telling you what rights you have..I also have experience dealing with people that were sure they had a specific right when in fact they were breaking the law and ended up in jail. As far as taking tickets to court, well isnt that your protection from the state or other government entity? As far as Officers lying about speed , I dont know what to say other than that I dont know anyone who has or would. There simply are enough people speeding that it is not neccessary. Also "Quotas" are an urban myth and also illegal for any dept to impose. ------------------ " chaos , panic and disorder ... my work here is done. " Upper Red Lake Area Association Member [This message has been edited by NINETOE (edited 12-23-2003).]
  5. Officers are not required to show you any radar unit on a traffic stop. If you do not believe you were speeding then take it to court. Dont believe you have any right to see anything. Certainly a friendly request is ok but still you are then questioning integrity. 0.02 ------------------ " chaos , panic and disorder ... my work here is done. " Upper Red Lake Area Association Member
  6. Saddie , If your talking about Zercom electronics you are correct. There are some other good brans to choose from though. ------------------ " chaos , panic and disorder ... my work here is done. " Upper Red Lake Area Association Member
  7. Believe it or not the DNR does regulate minnow trapping! You can find these regs in the fishing regs. For instance you must have your name and address attached to the trap. You can only have traps that are certain dimentions and the openning cannot exceed a certain width. You must also check your traps every 72 hours. Most importantly , any holes you make in the ice must be clearly marked with red ribbon tape or pine boughs.If you have a bait license then your traps can be bigger and you are allowed to possess more bait. I have trapped alot of lakes and ponds and found it to be alot of work. It is amazing how much ice will form in 12 hours when its cold and you have to chop through it. It was always interesting to see what was in the traps though. ------------------ " chaos , panic and disorder ... my work here is done. " Upper Red Lake Area Association Member
  8. Can enyone tell me where all the people that were appossed to putting visa expiration dates on DLs went? You would think they would be standing in line to fight this one as well. Oh yeah they only fight things that effect non citizens! ------------------ " chaos , panic and disorder ... my work here is done. " Upper Red Lake Area Association Member I.B.O.T. # 013
  9. Before the DNR considers raising fees they should look at the spending that they have done over the past few years. Drop down to the out door political power forum and look. The dnr spent 22 million on consultant fees over the past two years after they said they would not. Ohh yeah the loop hole left there for them oops! How much have they spent for catering? How much on resort stays for seminars and career development? Im not singling out the DNR as Im sure most gov agencies have millions that are wasted. They are sure to spend everything in thier budget because if they didnt they couldnt ask for more the folling year. All gov agencies do it. Bobb-o are you in favor of increasing state , federal , and property taxes as well. I think it is prudent to be skeptical when your talking about any government entity and money. 0.02 ------------------ " chaos , panic and disorder ... my work here is done. " I.B.O.T. # 013
  10. coldone ???? Man o man leaps and bounds! A pretty innocent topic and wham! Dont break your arm patting yourself on the back.
  11. A big warning for Tousley motor sports. A huge headache!
  12. My pleasure. I purchased a 01 Honda Forman 450 ES. I found the machine I wanted on the rack and approached a salesman. I then gave the salesman my info and we completed all the paperwork.I told him I would be in the next day with the down payment and the proof of insurance as I was financing a portion of the price. I asked about a specific time the next day to complete the deal and he said " oh yeah Ill be here". I came the next day and the receptionist says the salesman is at lunch. OK so I wait for an hour and he's still a no show.So another saleslady looks for the paperwork and a half hour later finds it. So as Im browsing over the sales agreement I find the interest rate wrong and it takes another 30 minutes to get that corrected. I give her the check and proof of insurance and she says it has to be prepped. OK thats no problem. I say Ill be in on fri to get it on my way up north. Sure thats fine. I get there at 3pm and the sales people are not there, so I deal with a third sales person and the same receptionist. The machine is still on the rack and not prepped. I am a little angered at this point but still excited about getting a new ATV. S I ask how long it will be? The sales man says I dont know let me check. The receptionist picks up the phone and tells me 2 hours. So here comes the salesman and before he gets a word out I say " the receptionist already took care of it! " While I wait I ask to see the store manager. 20 minutes later he shows up. I explained everything and asked him if this was typical for thier customers? He seems un interested and says well let me see. He comes back with some plastic license plate and a zip strap and says "here ya go" I laughed and walked away. Since then I have purchased a wheeler for my daughter and now am getting one for the wife. They wont get my buisness at all. This is my experience and my opinion alone.
  13. Icehousebob , Im just glad I can still count to ten! ------------------ " cant beat the mountain pilgrim "
  14. PCG we only tell you the bite isnt good! Everyone else is doing great! We dont want you up there catching 450 crappies in an hour! ------------------ " cant beat the mountain pilgrim "
  15. Are they affiliated with the " Guardian Angels " ? Do the wear little berets ? ------------------ " cant beat the mountain pilgrim "
  16. Im filing a suit against Rapala for all the holes in my fingers! ------------------ "sure are cocky for a starvin pilgrim"
  17. IcePro!!! Dont give them any ideas!! The bottom line is not the $11.00 on the license. It is the government animal that needs to be kept in check for a number of reasons. A good friend of mine is a German National and to fish in Germany is very expensive and you have to apply and become a member of a club to do it. Hunting is almost non existant for the average guy.Then theres a ton of other taxes that they have to pay. They have these problems because thier gov. is not held accountable and alot of people believe that big brother government knows best! Now just think of the forces at work here in this country to do the same thing. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion ( as long as its right ) Everyone is also responsible to be vigilant and correct government oversights when possible. 0.10 ------------------ "sure are cocky for a starvin pilgrim"
  18. Jarrod32, I do believe that the state has amended the state constitution to include protection for hunting and fishing " rights".? I just do not believe there is one good reason that a portable should be licensed if it is occupied. This was on the table not too long ago so I think alot of people believe it. It was not approved because of the loss of revenue. Call it what it is. I would prefer that the cost of a license go up instead of having a portable license. 0.02 ------------------ "sure are cocky for a starvin pilgrim"
  19. Labrat I have done exactly that! If you want to talk fishing then get it on!!! ------------------ "sure are cocky for a starvin pilgrim"
  20. Jarrod32, I will dis agree with you about a portable shelter license not being taxation. What purpose does it serve other than to raise revenue? What state expenditures to occomodate portables are used and would need to be recouped by the state? My 0.02 Hey ackotz , your comments must be from personal experiences! If you spend thousands of dollars a year on gear then $11.00 is nothing to you is it!!! Well the bottom line is the state tells you that you need a license and you go "oh yeah no problem" as you reach for your wallet. The tax and spend crowd love you and your kind! I believe that the DNR should be held to some accountability with reguards to thier spending. Do you know where the proceeds go from your licenses? OHH yeah a general fund. Well where from there? The DNR has been top heavy for years! The all the money being spent on these top positions and thier benefits could be used to hire and raise the pay of the in the field type of workers who truly impact our resources.ie CO's , biologists, specialists. Oh yeah by the way I take offense to your comments and I think you should go back to that "other" board! ------------------ "sure are cocky for a starvin pilgrim"
  21. The DL # requirement works well for the return of stolen property, but to make it mandatory is nuts. I put it on a piece of stiff plastic and then attach it to my house with an over sized safety pin. For the license I put it in a zip lock and safety pin that to it as well. Remember taxation is taxation no matter what name they want to give it! By the way Im cookin " GRIZ" Pilgrim! ------------------ "sure are cocky for a starvin pilgrim"
  22. Stop using words like license, user fees, and registration fees! They are none of the sort! The fact that a portable has to have a license on it and it costs money then it is taxation!!! Look at all of the ways we are taxed and it is given a neat little name like user fee! The only representation we have is the DNR and guess what? They are the big hand that receives are taxation! So it is taxation with out representation! I say throw the tea into the sea! ------------------ "sure are cocky for a starvin pilgrim"
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