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  1. backtroller1

    thread on installing skies on portable

    thanks you for the quick reply. looks like i have a quick project for my flip house.
  2. can anyone help me find the link or thread on how to build and install cc skies to a portable fish house? I have gone thru pages and pages and can't seem to locate. thanks
  3. backtroller1

    smoking whole turkey

    I have done the turkey legs a few times using the brine mix that was posted awhile back and they turned out fantastic.. Has anyone tried it with a whole turkey? Wondering how the white breast meat turned out?
  4. WCCO had done a video last night on how to release your dog from the body gripping traps. Thanks number 4. http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2012/11/27/hunting-dog-owners-watch-how-to-release-body-grip-traps/
  5. backtroller1

    internal temp of veni sticks

    thanks for the quick replies, I may have to add a little more fat to the sticks and keep it at about 165.
  6. What temperature are you getting your venison meat sticks to. Been seeing anywhere from 150-165 degrees. 165 and the sticks seem to be getting a little dry.
  7. Wow, three dogs in the boat, I have enough on my hands keeping one dog in line. Great pics.
  8. backtroller1

    Pickel recipe

    here is my favorite. 7 cups thin sliced cukes 1 cup thin sliced onion 1 hand full of koshier salt I put this in an empty ice cream pail shake and put in the refrigerator for 12 hours, Drain and then add 2 cups of sugar 1 cups of white viniger 1 teaspoon of celery seed sprigs of dill shake again and put in refrigerator for 1 week. I shake them once a day. Enjoy... Put in glass jars and keep in refrigerator, will last for months. super easy and taste great.
  9. Count me in for 2 more. My son is hoping to set the hook on a couple of cats this winter. I'll bring some beverages. Let me know if can bring anything else.Hoping to be there before sunrise. See you there.
  10. backtroller1

    replacing throttle cable

    Well, I got both cables out, throttle and the shift, any ideas where I can get a good deal on a new set? Valv, do you have any new ones lying around?
  11. backtroller1

    replacing throttle cable

    Thanks for the replies, I will have to take a closer look.
  12. backtroller1

    replacing throttle cable

    I have a 1996 115 mariner motor that the throttle cable probably needs to be replaced. I have a 17' single console boat, with a quicksilver 3000 control. How difficult is this project to do yourself, or should I just take it in and have it professionally done? Any thoughts?
  13. backtroller1

    Maiden Voyage

    That is one big house, how many people does it hold?
  14. backtroller1

    Thought I'd get things jump started.

    Alright, now that the holidays are over, I'm in...bring on the soft water!!!