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  1. TR21HP

    chubby chasing

    They had steam cleaning washers to clean the boats before they could put in.
  2. TR21HP

    chubby chasing

    The Elites are out in California and are clobbering them. A 12 and 3 tens so far weighed in the first 2 days. Pros got their boats inspected as soon as they crossed into California and before they were allowed to put in for practice they were subjected to zebe and quagga mussel sniffing dogs! Maybe we don't have it too bad in Minnesota.
  3. Like Kendricks a lot. Great nose for the ball, good speed and hits hard.
  4. Agreed, especially after JJ Watt dumped him because of his representation of Peterson and the way he was dealing with the Vikes.
  5. Waynes has a lot more to do than bulk up Nick. Watched him 4 or 5 times this past year and was not the least bit impressed. Tackling technique is poor, lacks aggression and seemed lost when faced with more than 1 on 1 coverage, and that was in college. I realize he was rated as the best in his position but that's like saying you got the best sandwich at McDonalds. Hopefully he makes a commitment to the game and lives up to his potential which has an upside but he has a long way to go.
  6. You should be running a 13x17 prop according to the Yamaha spec site. That's a stainless steel prop.
  7. Michelin seems to be the most talked about on this, or any other site. That could be one of your problems as well as cupping can be caused by poor quality tires, along with suspension or alignment issues, another one could be improper inflation or poorly balanced tires.
  8. Every Ford F150 tire cups? what a ridiculous statement. I've had 11 Ford F 150's since 1981 and I've never had a tire that cupped. My son has had 3 Ford trucks and the same info. Whoever that dealer is that made that statement is giving you false info.
  9. There is a bass cat dealer in Isle, MN. and another one in Wisconsin. Those would be your opportunities to see a Cat. Dietz, I too spend all my time at the front and was speculating that there is probably very little difference in width at the pedestal seat base between these three boats.
  10. When you are looking at those three boats you are probably not talking more than a couple of inches either way. You should also look at height and width of gunnels on these boats. If you flip and pitch a lot the lower gunnel is going to be more beneficial. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either choice and I would look beyond the 1 or 2 inches of width and look at such things as storage space, rod lockers, fit and finish and what you personally like about each boat.
  11. Kyhl, you will notice a huge improvement over your existing truck unless you're getting 18-21 mpg with that one . Even at 75-80 mph freeway driving I get 19-20, unloaded of course.
  12. Not to lay blame on the person who was stabbed but this is a perfect example of where the world is at right now. Easy solution would have been to avoid the confrontation and just call the cops. Gone are the days when you could settle things through discussion and maybe a good old fashioned fist fight, shake hands afterwards and walk away. One doesn't know what you're going to deal with in todays world when a glance at someone is considered "disrespecting" him. With that being said my condolences to the family of the deceased and hope they catch this guy and put him behind bars. Unless its an unavoidable situation walk away and go home to your loved ones.
  13. Same here BobT, manual recommends 87 but I do add marine stabil with each fill which is about twice a year.
  14. Typical dealer add ons I'm afraid Del. Meguires has a conditioner and cleaner that will do the same thing for $5. Wouldn't do it if I were you seems like a waste of money.
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