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  1. Call me crazy, but after looking at the new Aqua-Vu cameras today on the internet I was left wondering if anybody has ever seen perhaps a Northern try to eat the camera itself as that it resembles a baitfish. I'm may be nuts, but it sure would be a cool thing to see.
  2. Blue Lake ( my own ), Green Lake, Elk,.. etc. Check the East Central Forum. Lots of good info.
  3. I agree that the ice is there for everyone, but I see no reason for cars, trucks, sleds, or ATV's to come screaming thru the fishing "village". I always make a point of idling by fish houses that are in the path of my destination. I think common sense and courtesy should prevail.
  4. Thanks for the input. I took the sharpener to the blades again and they work good once again. Funny what a little bit of knowledge does for you, eh...?
  5. I see Strikemaster has a blade sharpener for their augers. It looks a whole lot like the one one I already had in my tool box. Small had held job with a V shaped sharpening jib. So in my infinite wisdom, I put it to work on my blades and headed out on the ice. The results were far from what I was expecting. I'd have done better to try to punch a hole with the handle. Is this Strikemaster sharpener different from these regular blade sharpeners...? I think I may just do better to buy new blades each season. [This message has been edited by Mr55371 (edited 12-27-2003).]
  6. Warm weather is nice here and there, but not any good when it melts all the banking off you fish house. That's a chore I just don't care for.
  7. Just out of curiousity....How many of you will open presents Christmas morning, and then race to the ice to escape the "family scene"..? Not that it's a bad thing, but I'd rather be on the ice...
  8. At the WalMart, they have an iron on patch that is similiar to denim. I iron one on the inside, one on the outside of the hole, and they work great. Very rugged, and they come in different colors. [This message has been edited by Mr55371 (edited 12-21-2003).]
  9. Have to have good hours. 6AM to 6PM is fair, but on Sunday morning your doors are locked till 10AM, I'm headed down the road. Other than that, I like a place that is friendly and has good info. I like to patronize a place that is something like visiting an old friend. [This message has been edited by Mr55371 (edited 12-21-2003).]
  10. I favor the Coleman gas lantern. Last week my sunflower ran out of gas, and the Coleman produced enough heat to keep my 6x10 fish house comfortably warm, (I have really good insulation). I have to Coleman battery lantern, and it doesn't put out near as much light as the gas unit does.
  11. I'm not sure I see the usefulness of the flashlight style depth finder, for someone that already has a Vexilar or Marcum flasher. You can shoot through the ice just as easy with a flasher, and then use it to fish. I myself just can't justify the expense for the product. Just my .02
  12. Old 110 camera is what I use. Cheap as cheap gets, and works great.
  13. Run the treble hook and the red spinner. I think the silver with green glow stripe works best.
  14. I didn't rip my 2x4's to 2x2's. Kept them as is for the strength. At 6x10, with steel roof, insulation, and 2x2 angle iron runners, I'm still less than 700lbs. My 400cc Arctic Cat four wheeler tows it just fine. Harder to stop the **** thing than it is to get it going.
  15. I built an 6x10 house this year and have $350 into it. I'd have to say it looks pretty good at that. The 2x4's and plywood represent that majority of the cost. The rest of the materials were the result of scrounging andmaterials friends had on hand. Ask around and you'll be surprised what some people have laying about that they'll contribute to a place to fish on the ice. My one friend had left over steel from his pole barn, that's on my roof now. Another had sheets of 1 1/2" foil back insulation he'd collected from building sites. Last night I ran out of propane for my sunflower, and we were able to heat the house very comfortably with just a Coleman lantern. Hunt around..!!
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