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  1. Red cabbage shredded Balsamic vinegar Olive oil Can of black beans Cilantro finely chopped Cayenne or whatever you like for heat Freshly squeezed lemon juice Sea salt to taste Thanks for the other ideas! I am going to try them. MJ
  2. My how time changes things. This is my son about 8 years ago. He is now soon to be 16 and is 6'2 almost 200 lbs. This is one of my all-time favorites. Perch Fishing Morning- Ottertail Lake MJ
  3. I received a BGE XL for Father's Day and have used it already for the following: Jalapeno Poppers whole chickens chicken parts bacon sausage burgers steak brisket ribs and a few others that aren't coming to me right now. AWESOME! Easy to use! MJ
  4. I'll be there as a comittee member of the local Ottertail Lakes Chapter! Should be a good time! MJ
  5. White lithium grease, comes in an aerosol can. Works for me! MJ
  6. On highway 10, somewhere east of Detroit Lakes, I picked up two parts of a specific brand and type of tent. Identify the specifics by replying with your details. Thanks and good luck, MJ
  7. Thanks for the write up and posting the pics, Scoot. It certainly was a great time and I always anticipate next year's trip! We had a blast and the fishing and weather were both exceptional. MJ
  8. I've used the Willis Knot and have had success. If you do an internet search for it, you'll find some nice tutorials on it. It's a little easier with mono, but possible with fireline. Good luck! MJ
  9. Awesome! Great creativity on the first shot. Looks like a beast of a coyote! MJ
  10. Very nice work, Scoot! That is an impressive harvest anytime, but especially under late season conditions! MJ
  11. 6' and 230lbs XL fits me fine, especially when I am wearing a sweatshirt and a polar fleece under the jacket. In other words, they're generously sized. MJ
  12. I'm looking to recover the seat on my sled, a two up 1996 Arctic Bearcat, or to buy a new seat. Which would be the better decision and how do I go about doing it? I believe the foam is still in decent shape, but maybe they replace the whole shebang when they redo the seat. Any thoughts? Thanks, MJ
  13. If you want to pack some gear, the Redington Pier just south of Clearwater is a fun place to fish. I think you can rent some gear there, but didn't look like real trustworthy tackle. Bring a five gallon bucket and some rope, buy some Sabiki Rigs. You can catch bait with the rigs and keep them in the bucket. The rope is to lower it down to the water's edge to fill. We caught spanish macks, specks and a mixed bag of other fish. Not sure if the tarpon are in the area, but the locals catch them with some pretty neat rigging at the end of the pier. Bring some simple rigging and have fun! Good luck, MJ We also went to Madeira Beach and went out on a party charter. We also brought our own gear and went for a 1/2 day. Caught all kinds of gray snapper, which was very tasty.
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